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  1. I'm fully aware how "thee products function", and, apparently, so does Porthos but thanks non-the-less.
  2. I guess that's possible. Defender said the location was on my desktop but there wasn't anything on the desktop prior to the scan, that I could see. Thanks Buddel!!
  3. I had Windows Defenders Periodic Scan turn on at one point. I checked it today and it just happened to be turned off for some unknown reason. I turned it back on and ran a scan. I was then notified that it detected trojan:Win32/Fuery.A!cl and quarantined it. I then had Defender remove it. I also have Kaspersky Total Security, and Malwarebytes 3.1.2 comp 1.0.139 update version 1.0.2088. I'm just curious as to why Kaspersky AND Malwarebytes DID NOT catch this trojan thing during scans or with real time protection. I will be posting this on Kaspersky's forum to see if they can answer as to why their product failed to see this also. Malwarebytes does a Threat Scan daily. Thanks!!
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