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  1. I have the most recent version of the program and have also been annoyed to have web protection turn off 'without reason' several times in recent weeks. Having gone through that whole problem in the old version of MBAm 3, this is not encouraging. Restarting did not help me. Choosing "quit Malwarebytes" and then reopening restarted web protection again. Thanks for that tip.
  2. Wow. About a week ago I downloaded the most recent version of MBam as I had the same problems repeated as have been going on for months. Tonight it turned off web protection again, so I signed into the forum with the intention to report and provide some screen shots. On signing in, I noticed a version 3.1 had been uploaded in the past few days, so I downloaded and installed. Immediately after installation, MBam reported web protection was turned off. It had the same hang on 'starting...' and could not be turned on. I exited MBam and could not find the program to restart. I signed out of my account and back in, and MBam automatically restarted with a repeat of the same error on web protection. I restarted the machine, and MBam restarted with BOTH web protection and malware protection turned off. My hopes for the new version are smashed.
  3. Yes, I am running Windows 10 with Kaspersky Internet Security. I had no problems until the MB update to version 3, which is a slightly different setup but same problems that lauriej just posted.
  4. Although running 1.0.75, I have just had a repeat of the web exclusions turned off. MB ran fine for a few weeks. I've done nothing in the way of software installation, changes, etc. Is there any point in me sending log files if the event log data was turned off? I had it turned on previously, but perhaps when installing the 1.0.75 version it reverted to default. I'm prepared to download the newer beta version and try that, but just wanted to check about the log files before doing the new install.
  5. I am running Kaspersky KIS. I had Malwarebytes added to exclusions long before the current issues developed. I had the problems in this thread despite having Kaspersky in my exclusions, so this does not seem to be the source of problems. Am running the latest released version (not Beta) of Malwarebytes without current issues for about a week.
  6. The error message changes. Zip file attached below. Perhaps it wouldn't attach previously because the maximum total upload size would be exceeded with the other files. Have reinstalled component package 1.0.75. Will consider trying the beta version. logs.zip
  7. dcollins, attached are some of the requested log files. I am prohibited from attaching the zipped log folder created in Malwarebytes. How do I send the zip file? This is the second time I've been asked to provide log files. How close are we to a permanent resolution? FRST.txt Addition.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  8. After about a week clear with no errors, Malwarebytes gave me a protection error again this morning. What is very strange is that the program has reverted to a previous version without me making any system changes at all. I was running the update package version 1.0.75*, but now it has gone back on its own to 1.0.15 and the errors have returned. How did that happen, and why?
  9. cmdd, I have had a couple repeat problems of the same since moving to 1.0.75, but definitely far fewer. I've held off updating one computer from version 2 until this significant problem is completely fixed. In one case, the error returned as soon as I downloaded a VPN software. The problem went away when I turned off the VPN, without a system or Malwarebytes restart. bdubrow, thank you for your informative update on your end. I have used Malwarebytes long enough to know it is a great product, and this is a one-off major problem. I will hold out with you in hopes for a permanent fix.
  10. Previously on this forum, I was already advised to uninstall and reinstall and then sent log files to MBAM, after which I was again advised to uninstall and reinstall, could you please verify that the reinstall link you have provided is a more recent version than I just did for this procedure?
  11. I have tried every option suggested in this thread, including checking 'add to exceptions', but MBAM was already correctly marked there. As per my post above, MBAM support responded and asked me to update the version, but even that did not work past a few days.
  12. Yes, tried this. It worked for a couple days, and then the web protection turned off again for the umpteenth time. Still hangs on starting up web protection.
  13. Here's mine. Had this problem several weeks ago and it has suddenly returned. logs.zip
  14. I have the same problem in that I can't get all the protection settings running at one time and get continual pop-ups that something is turned off. Initially, after an MBam update, the web protection was turned off and would always hang when asked to start. I tried changing the on/off settings with a restart for both "Enable self-protection module early start" and "Enable self-protection module" with no success. After an uninstall/reinstall, the web protection is now working and the real-time protection is turned off with the exact same hang when asked to start. I have checked that my 3rd party anti-virus has all MBam programs listed at trusted. I just tried 'quit MBam' and then tried to restart the program. I got an error message 'unable to start' 'unable to connect to the service.' And now I await true resolution from MBam support. Have used this product for many years and find this ongoing problem a real frustration.
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