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  1. How do you know that "the protection the program offers are still very good"??? With version 3 everybody is happy just to have it running without conflicts, let alone "protection"
  2. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" Why would you want to screw up one more PC?
  3. As an experienced IT/Network admin, why don't you wait till new MBAM will be released in an acceptable shape and form , rather than trying to troubleshoot various after beta versions???
  4. How did you figure out that you are "a respected forum member on the avast forums"???
  5. And would be even faster if you do not scan in anything.... Of course, if you scan here and there is fast, but this is not the question here....
  6. No, this is far from being "normal". Firstly, MBAM scans only for certain extensions, so should be faster than an antivirus. And my antivirus (Trend Micro) scans the same size HDD in less than 40 minutes.
  7. The program barely works and people are happy not to have any conflicts and/ or problems with various components disabled /not starting or infinite scans, so nobody can judge right now how "effective" is version 3. PUMs and PUPs are fancy things to clean, they do not have any malicious behavior; unsafe websites... any antivirus will do that (except MSE) So, I would say, you are wasting your annual license with v3, while waiting for a more stable version. Good luck!
  8. OK, you see that there are a 1000 problems with MBAM v3, why would you buy a second license????
  9. Normally, you do not want to use a test program issued by the same company... You remember MBAE? To test it , you were advised to use mbae-test.exe , which supposedly was simulating an exploit behavior. However, non of the other antiexploits from the market would react to mbae-test.exe, so the test was irrelevant; you run mbae-test.exe and MBAE will display "I'm working" For example, each and every antivirus can be tested with EICAR
  10. Hi, Most of the users are happy if MBAM 3.06 will , at least, run and not conflict with something else. But how do I know is working and serve its purpose, as an antimalware???
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