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  1. Running Malwarebytes Premium (MWB) on Windows 10. I have a recurring problem. I try to solve it by uninstalling MWB, rebooting and reinstalling from the web site. Most recently I did this 15 minutes ago. The build was meant to be I got a notification that I was fully protected. The next minute I received (as in at least 6 past occasions) a notification that a newer version is available. I went into dashboard and yet again saw in the header 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (Premium) .... hmmm .... not 1469. And guess what, below on dashboard is an orange smiley with the advice 'Your program version is out of date' and an invitation to 'Install now'. When I click that and check which build is 'new' I see that it is 1469. I install it. I get notifications that protection is turned off. So then I ... ... now read from the start of this again. You are welcome to continue the circle as long as you wish. I am disinclined to try to uninstall MWB, reboot, and 'reinstall' 1469 yet again. *sniff*
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