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  1. If it is preffered not 2 refund me just say so n i'll understand but pls do awnser my pm RubberDucky mait. Best regards, Me!
  2. Hi there, Since im low on cash n only runnin vista 64 right now i send u an email 2 request a refund. Ofc will b switching bk in the future once yall is fixed. Greets
  3. (MBAMService) Hi guys, been a while since i read up here but have moved on 2 a new system. So whats going on? Greets
  4. Listen to this: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread....180#post1259180
  5. Techie didn't feel like reading this thread.....
  6. At Dr.Web's request ive removed the support ticket from this thread.
  7. I have thought about that. That's why i linked them to this thread. If it happens again ill have a discussion with tech support on it but to be honoust i don't think they will care for mbam.
  8. Fixed again! Now let's pray it don't happen again. I had linked to this thread in the report.
  9. Thought id check again and now it flags update and scan!
  10. Unfortunetly the same detection is back! Ofc just submitted this but let's hope it doesn't turn into a PingPong Game ---] FP-Fix-FP-Fix-FP-? Well not exactely the same: It just flags 2 files while updating to the new version. It doesn't flag a sig update nor a scan
  11. Update: Fixed! Now that's what i call SPEED and it's not even a Working Day
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