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  1. I found the same problems with Office and also found that disabling self-protection is the solution. Launching a new Word document: MB closed 2 seconds, MB running, but without self-protection 3 seconds, with self-protection, about 8 to 10 seconds. I enclose in addition the memory dump files (with self-protection) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydmypg9eabbj2h4/Dump Files.zip?dl=0 mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Hello. For what it's worth, I'm on KIS 2019, updated earlier this week from version 2018. I have upgraded over the old version, so my setup has not changed. I had absolutely no problem with version 2018 and I have no more problem today. The only notable thing in my settings related to MB is this and I have no other exclusion :
  3. I could not stop it in the services without stopping it before via the Task Manager
  4. To temporarily block the process, You had to 1) Kill it in Task Manager 2) go very quickly into the services and disable it (Run > services. msc) If we don't block it in the services, it restarts.
  5. I have already registered the address as an authorized sender after receiving the confirmation email for the ticket.
  6. Yes, but it was cleaverbridge that handled this and the purchase is not recent, it was late December 2016 and I had never created an account. Since I had problems this morning during activation, I clicked on "manage my subscription" my email address was prefinited and I didn't have a password, obviously. So I clicked on "I forgot my password" and an email was sent asking me to set up my account. That's what I did, and then, no account setup confirmation mail, and i can't log in. All browsers respond to me error 504, the page can not be reached or too long to respond. And I've tried it dozens o
  7. Yes, bad days often last more than 24 hours. And again, I didn't mention the impossibility to log in after creating an account on my. malwarebytes. com (the support has been contacted)
  8. This is the day when nothing is going right, so it makes sense. I've only been through the first two or three pages of it. Research seems to have problems some days.
  9. Thanks. I have (a little) searched on the forum for this topic, I have seen other issues with the tray app, but not this one. However, I was surprised that MB cleaner does not offer reinstallation as it should.
  10. MB Tray Application appears displaying all windows (alt + tab or Windows + tab). (See screenshot) and if i close the windows (as shown on the screenshot), MB3 disapears from task bar. I can't tell if the problem is due to the MB3 last update or if it is after the last update of Windows (Insiders Slow Ring build RS3 1709.16288.1) because I did not use virtual desktops since these two updates until today, and so I have not used these commands. MB3 update : 09/15 Windows build update : 09/16 I uninstalled MB3 with mb-clean : - No download and rein
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