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  1. Hello Maurice I did't get an email telling me the problem had been resolved. I have now been able to activate the licence and am back to premium again so thank you for telling me about the email. Do you know why the system keeps taking me back to the free MB without any warning, Is it something I have done or is there a bug somewhere? I would really like to know. Thanks again Maurice. Sincerely, Mick
  2. I keep getting emails I cannot reply to.. This not helpful. This is a response to the last email. To me this all seems simple. All I want you to do is to reset my lifetime licence so I can re-use my ID and Key whenever your system decides to make me only use MB free. Surely this is not beyond your capabilities? I have asked for an explanation why this happens a lot but no one has told me. Mick
  3. I have a suuport ticket apparently issued nine days ago and I was told a support agent would contact me shortly. Nine days later still no contact, this is not 'shortly'. Is there any way tp speed things up or is Malwarebytes simplygiving up? Mick
  4. I have tried to follow various instructions but nothing seems to work I have a ticket with a number but have heard nothing else. it seems to be impossible to get things done. Is it likely that anyone will contact me to get the problem sorted?
  5. I cannot make your suupport system work so please deal with the problem. You know more about your systems and how to cntact he people than I do. Mick
  6. Once again your system has told me that I am runnung malwarebytes free despite having a lifetime licence and being on premium. I am told I have activated the system too many times. This is not my fault it is yours and I want you to renew my licence now so I can use the system correctly. This is not the first time this has happened and it is extremely annoying. Mick
  7. Dear Devin Thank you for sorting out the problem and hopefull I won't get the popus again. Rootkits on a system look like a pretty horrible problem and the removal process difficult. Thank you for the rootkit explanation and I actually understood it. Well, some of it! Thanks again and I'll try not to troible you for a awhile. Best wishes, Mick.
  8. I should have saud that I have also unticked the Perform analysis........ box as well. Sorry. Muck
  9. Yes my Kaspersky settings in the 'Performance' (box1) and box 2 are exactly as your diagram shows. I have unticked the rootkit one as you suggest but, as far as I know the rootkit search is still set as on in in Scan opttions in the Malwarebytes protection settings. Will it be alright to leave that? To be honest I'm not really sure what rootkits are but I read that it was a good udes to seach for them (in Computeractive magazine along time ago). Thanks, Mick
  10. Hello Did the file I sent show any evidence of a problem? If I haven;t given ypu the time to look at it please accept my spologies - I have no idea how lomg such thongs take. Mick
  11. I think this is the right file. Mick mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. This is becoming a real nuisance - I turned the laptop on just now and I am now fully protected again. Should I still send the logs? Thanks, Mick
  13. After a week or so without any problems I got the real time protection failure pop up this afternoon at around 16:30. I'd be grateful for any further help to cure this problem. Thanks, Mick
  14. Afte se eral weeks of having the Real Time Protection loss eavery Saturday nothing happened last Saturday. I'm hoping that the problem has been solved but I;m still concerned. It might just be that what was happening has stopped or simply didn;t happen this time. I will keep and eye on things but I will know if it does happen of course. Thank you for your your help with this, it is very much appreciated. Mick
  15. I have used the support tool to remove the software and installed a new vwesion. As the problem seems to always happen on a Saturday I wiil wait to see what happrns at rthe end of the week and then let you know. Thanks, Mivk
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