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  1. Hi Kevin, Couldn't deactivate Malwarebytes, so I uninstalled it, restarted, and installed it again (using the link provided by Ron, because that's the later version. Please let me know if that was the wrong thing to do). Ran a scan, but it still stopped when it reached the C:\Windows\Installer folder. What should I do? Thanks, The Captain
  2. Hi Kevin, I can't deactivate Malwarebytes. I right-click on the tray icon, choose the quit option, the dialog box opens asking me if I want to continue, I click the continue button, and nothing happens. I'm never given the opportunity to say yes (that I want to quit). What should I do? Thanks, The Captain
  3. Hi Kevin, Ran RogueKiller a third time, and this time I was able to delete the following: [Suspicious.Path] (X64) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{51E925B3-B318-4E29-9132-3ECA739EF89F} (C:\ProgramData\{698E0848-6D29-4305-80DC-E8D609260CE2}\p2pcollab.dll) -> Found Log is attached. Ran Malwarebytes after deleting the above, but it still stopped working at C:\Windows\Installer. Thanks, The Captain RK3.txt
  4. Hi Kevin, Ran RogueKiller again and removed the items you recommended. When I did, RK said "error" for this item, but seemed to remove the others: [Suspicious.Path] (X64) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{51E925B3-B318-4E29-9132-3ECA739EF89F} (C:\ProgramData\{698E0848-6D29-4305-80DC-E8D609260CE2}\p2pcollab.dll) -> Found Log is attached (RK2.txt). Ran Malwarebytes after RK. It seemed to find a lot more files to scan than before, but it still stopped working when it got to the C:\Windows\Installer folder (see attached error message). Please let me know if you have any question
  5. Hi Kevin, Downloaded and ran RogueKiller. It found two items it advised me to remove. Since you didn't expressly recommend I remove anything, I didn't remove them, and only exported the report. It's attached. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, The Captain RK.txt
  6. Thanks, Ron. I downloaded the new Malwarebytes from the link you provided, made sure "Scan for Rootkits" and "Scan within Archives" were both on, and hit Scan Now. As before, it stopped scanning when it got to the C:\Windows\Installer folder. Do you or Kevin have a hunch about what's going wrong? Is it Malware/Spyware? Is something else malfunctioning? Thanks, The Captain
  7. Hi Kevin, I uninstalled Malwarebytes using Geek uninstaller There is nothing to download at this link: https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/bfii1z29ca68cwr0j5l46a1igxnk7ia2 It says "This shared file or folder link has been removed." What should I do? Thanks, The Captain
  8. Hi Kevin, Windows repair fixed the thumbnails! Log is attached. I tried running Malwarebytes, but it still stopped mid-way. What should I try next? Thanks for your help! The Captain _Windows_Repair_Log.txt
  9. Hi Kevin, Tried a few other things to get my thumbnails back, to no avail. For instance, this: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2332312,00.asp And this: http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/clear-thumbnail-cache-windows/ The PC Mag article suggests that sometimes thumbnails revert to system icons if there's a change in a particular registry. I noticed the anti-malware programs I've been running focus intensely on registries. Is there a way to reset a registry to get my thumbnails back? When I ran HitmanPro, it didn't find any threats, and everything was set to i
  10. Hi Kevin, One frustrating thing that's happened since running HitmanPro is all my image thumbnails have disappeared, and now only show generic icons. I restarted, but it didn't solve the problem. I went into Control Panel, but it has the correct setting (always show icons never thumbnails is unchecked, see image below). When I check and then uncheck the always show... box, the thumbnails appear for a second, then revert back to a system icon again. How can I get my thumbnails back? btw - I still have all the anti-malware programs you recommended on my system. Can I start uninstalling
  11. Hi Kevin, Downloaded and ran HitmanPro. It didn't find any threats, and only marked FRST and Zemana as suspicious. Log is attached. Ran FRST scan. FRST.txt and Addition.txt are attached. Do I still need all these programs (like Zemana), or can I uninstall some of them? Thanks for your help, The Captain HitmanPro_20170216_2047.log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Hi Kevin, Downloaded and ran Zemana AntiMalware. It didn't find anything. Restarted anyway. Log is attached. Downloaded Emisoft Emergency Kit. It didn't put a shortcut on my desktop. From the C:\EEK folder, it gave me two exe files to choose from: start emergency scan kit, and start commandline scanner. I double-clicked on start emergency scan kit, and it gave me a dialog box error message saying This program cannot be run on Windows versions prior to Windows 7. So it simply didn't run. My operating system is Windows Vista 64-bit. According to this Wikipedia page, Vista came before
  13. Hi Kevin, Here's a lively discussion about the Applian FLV Player. The consensus seems to be that it packs a lot of junk software with it: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/virus-spyware/f/3522/t/19636559 I don't know which version I downloaded (it doesn't say in the properties). It has an uninstall exe file, but based on the discussion linked above, it seems that the junk software that comes with it causes most of the problems, so I don't know if uninstalling it would do the trick. Let me know what you think. Thanks! The Captain
  14. Hi Kevin, Some additional info to my post above: The FLV player cited in the scan mentioned above is the Applian FLV Player. I found the following warning about it on Security Stronghold: https://www.securitystronghold.com/gates/remove-applian-flv-player.html Should I use Spyhunter to remove it? Thanks, The Captain
  15. Hi Kevin, Uninstalled SuperAntiSpyware, no problem Downloaded fixlist.txt and ran FRST. Log file is attached. Had some big problems with AdwCleaner. Downloaded it and put it on my Desktop, in its own folder. Double-clicked on it, and the attached "catastrophic_failure" dialog box appeared. I had to close out of that dialog box about a dozen times before I could finally start the scan. The first scan I attempted crashed, and the attached "Not_Working" dialog box appeared. I restarted AdwCleaner, the catastrophic_failure dialog box appeared a dozen times again, but this t
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