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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, i don't know where to post this request: i want to roll back to the latest mbam 2.0 version again, using it until june (when support will end for it), where may i find the download button? thanks
  2. i've reinstalled the latest mbam 3.0 version with the package that was supposed to fix the real-time turning off issue. sadly, after 2 days, the problem happened again. i'm speechless.
  3. GMork is right. guys, stop hiding behind linguistical quibbles. Despite mbam not claiming to be an AV itself, by the sentence ''make AV obsolete'' you bring people to think that the software can replace every function/role an obsolete AV is appointed to do. Since I AM the consumer, i'm brought into thinking that. Isn't that what you meant to say? 1) change the sentence Or 2) actually fix your promises OR, there's a word for that, It's Misleading Advertising, (and, guess, that's bad). choice is yours. P.s. Mbam 3.0 together with KIS 2017 is even slowing down my compu
  4. hi malwarebytes staff, i passed to mbam 3.0. the problem is simple and well known, and you haven't fixed it yet: website-realtime protection keeps turning off. it's becoming very frustrating. Now listen: i'm a premium user since 2 years, and i'll keep paying because i found malwarebytes a nice software worth it, and your company a solid one. but you can't expect to surpass third party/traditional antivirus programs if you can't even fix this breaking and frustrating bug for so long time. i'll keep using both AV and Mbam, but i'll stick with the first one in case mbam will not be tot
  5. the first one, ''let mbam decide the best settings..'' i can't select any by myself, 2nd problem: web protection keeps turning off
  6. Hi! thanks for the kind answers, really appreciated i've just installed mbam 3.0 again, but on the windows control center it stills says that both kis and mbam are activated and that may cause conflicts... should i ignore it?
  7. i'm currently using Kaspersky (KIS 2017) and Mbam 2.0. i tried installing mbam 3.0 one month ago but it gave me conflicts with kaspersky : on control panel it was saying that both were active, so i rolled back. any news at this time? 2nd question) when will support at mbam 2.0 definitively cease? 3) is mbam 3.0 heavier or is fine running background during gaming?
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