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  1. I am running Malwarebytes Premium on five computers. At around 12:00 noon EST on Saturday, January 27, the Malwarebytes Real-Time Web Protection was turned off on all five computers, and I am unable to turn on the Real-Time Web Protection. All five computers went haywire and locked up. I have tried rebooting the computers multiple times, but this has not helped. I finally uninstalled Malwarebytes Premium from all five computers so I could use the computers, which are still protected by either Security Essentials or Windows Defender. I hope Malwarebytes notifies its paying customers when a su
  2. When I attempt to run both Malwarebytes Anti-Ramsonware and Malwarebytes Premium on my Windows 7 computer, I receive the error message: "Unable to connect to the Server." How do I correct this problem?
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