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  1. I am running Malwarebytes Premium on five computers. At around 12:00 noon EST on Saturday, January 27, the Malwarebytes Real-Time Web Protection was turned off on all five computers, and I am unable to turn on the Real-Time Web Protection. All five computers went haywire and locked up. I have tried rebooting the computers multiple times, but this has not helped. I finally uninstalled Malwarebytes Premium from all five computers so I could use the computers, which are still protected by either Security Essentials or Windows Defender. I hope Malwarebytes notifies its paying customers when a suitable build is ready to be downloaded and installed. I have already wasted several hours of my Saturday afternoon on this problem. I have generally been satisfied with Malwarebytes Premium over the years, but my experience with Malwarebytes today has been terrible. Before Malwarebytes sends an update out to all its users, some competent person at Malwarebytes should test the update on some local computers to minimize any damage or inconvenience for paying customers.
  2. When I attempt to run both Malwarebytes Anti-Ramsonware and Malwarebytes Premium on my Windows 7 computer, I receive the error message: "Unable to connect to the Server." How do I correct this problem?
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