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  1. actually you should delete suspicious profiles in your Mac, by going to your Mac settings. This should help, if this problem is same as Weknow virus.
  2. Dear Sirs, I am the owner of System-Tips.net site. Malwarebytes blocks it as clear from the image in the attachment. It says that the reason for blocking it is PUP. According to your description, PUPs, or Potentially Unwanted Programs, are programs that may include advertising, toolbars, and pop-ups that are unrelated to the software you downloaded. PUPs often come bundled with other software that you installed. OK. I promote 2 specific programs currently - GridinSoft Anti-Malware via hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-removal-tool or hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-gridinsoft-anti-malware and Combo Cleaner via hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-combo-cleaner These two programs do not match the description of PUPs. They DO NOT include advertising, toolbars, and pop-ups that are unrelated to the software users downloaded. I don't see the reasons for blocking these specific links... Please kindly unblock them. If you do not want to unblock the entire website system-tips.net, please unblock at least these links, because these programs are genuine software that does not deserve to be referred to as PUP. If you do not agree with me, please give me some valid reasons why you don't want to unblock these links I've provided. I believe your software, company and extension are great, but it seems that this isn't really fair that your resources block my site as explained above. Kind regards, Andrey Gvozd
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