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  1. actually you should delete suspicious profiles in your Mac, by going to your Mac settings. This should help, if this problem is same as Weknow virus.
  2. Dear Sirs, I am the owner of System-Tips.net site. Malwarebytes blocks it as clear from the image in the attachment. It says that the reason for blocking it is PUP. According to your description, PUPs, or Potentially Unwanted Programs, are programs that may include advertising, toolbars, and pop-ups that are unrelated to the software you downloaded. PUPs often come bundled with other software that you installed. OK. I promote 2 specific programs currently - GridinSoft Anti-Malware via hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-removal-tool or hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-gridinsoft-anti-malware and Combo Cleaner via hxxps://www.system-tips.net/download-combo-cleaner These two programs do not match the description of PUPs. They DO NOT include advertising, toolbars, and pop-ups that are unrelated to the software users downloaded. I don't see the reasons for blocking these specific links... Please kindly unblock them. If you do not want to unblock the entire website system-tips.net, please unblock at least these links, because these programs are genuine software that does not deserve to be referred to as PUP. If you do not agree with me, please give me some valid reasons why you don't want to unblock these links I've provided. I believe your software, company and extension are great, but it seems that this isn't really fair that your resources block my site as explained above. Kind regards, Andrey Gvozd
  3. Dear Sirs, Sorry for previously posting the question in the wrong section. This is regarding system-tips.net site. MBAM reports it as spreading PUPs. Please check the issue again. Right now the programs promoted by the download links do not lead to installation of any PUP. Please fix the issue or tell me what needs to be done on my part to fix this issue. Kind regards, Andriy Gvozd
  4. Dear Sirs, I am Andriy Gvozd, the owner of system-tips.net site. Sadly, MBAM reports my site as malicious and blocks it for allegedly spreading PUP. However, my site does not spread PUPs. The download links currently only offer installation of GridinSoft Anti-Malware for PC and Combo Cleaner for Mac, and these programs are not PUPs. Please fix the issue.
  5. It's rather an unwanted extension in your Google Chrome browser. You need to disable this extension and the hijacker should be gone.
  6. So, I really ask you to reconsider your negative rating... What I am doing is not a scam. I always clearly tell people if there's some program I can recommend that is not free, however, I recommend it when it is effective to remove specific infection. I strongly condemn some of these intrusive practices some unfair blogs do to distribute SpyHunter software, and I have written several posts regarding such scary pop-ups. As I have said, I am not involved in such scary practices. I have seen SpyHunter to be able to remove specific adware (Elex) and additionally to restore Mozilla Firefox browser. So, why can't I recommend it in some cases? As I've said above, I am currently promoting other programs, and through my built-in chat I help people to remove malware for free when it's possible. So, please kindly remove my site from your blacklist.
  7. excuse me, but are you trying to accuse me of being a fraud? I have never used any deceptive methods of software promotion. I always try to mention that some progtam I recommend is not free. And i always render real free help via real on site chat. You now accuse me of being a fraud. I actually revommend spyhunter quite rarely compared to other programs.
  8. Thank you for your comment. I guess the software and the company is the same thing, isn't it? My site is not a scam... I do not force people into buying anything. I suggest them several programs, including Malwarebytes in my built-in chat.
  9. Dear Malwarebytes Team, I have been very disappointed to find out that your highly respected software blocks my site freezingcomputer.com. My name is Andrey Gvozd and I own this site. I am not a content scraper like some other pseudo security blogs which steal content from you. The articles I write are the product of my own analysis and hard work. I develop various video guides and place them on YouTube regarding manual removal of malware. I will not be hiding the fact that I do promote some paid programs for malware removal. I do not find anything illegal in this. Well, if it forbidden by Donald Trump's new decrees then I've probably missed something. Nevertheless, I have a built-in chat in my site where I help people for free with malware removal. I have a licensed version of TeamViewer and sometimes (if people agree) I connect to their PCs and help them fix their systems for free, at no cost at all. I understand that I offer some programs which are competitors to Malwarebytes software (or maybe you don’t even consider them as competitors at all) :-) However, I still do not see anything wrong when I recommend some paid software. If this paid software failed to remove malware, people can always ask for refund and they are refunded without questions. I personally recommend that paid software when I know that it is able to remove specific malware. Otherwise, I recommend some other programs, including Trojan Killer or Malwarebytes. So, I do not understand why you mark my site freezingcomputer.com as malicious. I am additionally your affiliate at Cleverbridge and sometimes offer people to scan with Malwarebytes free license. In the light of the above-said, please kindly unblock my site and remove it from your blacklist. Kind regards, Andrey Gvozd
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