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  1. I have a samsung galaxy s7 and a tab4. I'm not sure where to begin, I've had so many issues with both devices, search results that don't make sense, ip addresses that place me in a totally different state, not able to complete software updates, receiving emails and texts hours or days later than the time stamp, some texts not at all, the phone is basically useless if I can hear the caller they can't hear me or vice versa. I've been told by an at&t tech that 3 phones or more listed in my apps is normal and maybe it is. I just don't know what to believe anymore. Earlier I entered 'chrome url' in the browser and received the message that chrome stopped working. That's when I looked in the playstore and noticed Chrome 55. I'm relatively sure I do not have administration rights, in accounts theres about "AT&T address book that appears to be in control. When i look at system apps theres numerous apps I' know I didn't install (see screenshots). I'm able to force stop some but can'disable very few. I so hope that someone can help me understand what's going on. Thanks in advance for reading this and for any insight you can give. Show quoted text
  2. I was totally unaware that developer mode was on until a malwarebytes scan advised me to turn it off. It is not listed in settings or accessible with a search. Can someone tell me why?
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