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  1. This problem was addressed elsewhere in this forum, which resulted in an apparent "fix," but it was not to be: Web Protection switches off. Solution (Exit, re-start MBAM) sometimes works temporarily, but the issue always returns. Image and reports added. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  2. OK - No 1.75 on the system - must have been an ancient fragment. mb-clean-report attached, update installed - now running No issues so far. Thank you - I'll let you know if the problem persists. mb-clean-results.txt
  3. 6. I do not have C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs folder, nor a C:\ProgramData\ folder. (Win 7 Pro) 7. FARBAR logs attached. 8. CheckResults.txt attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  4. Please add me to the list. Looks like the latest update is broken.
  5. According to my MBAM (, my subscription expired on July 5, 2017. "Update Payment Information" is ineffective - the current information on file is 100% correct. MBAM support referred me to Cleveridge because this is a billing issue. Here's what Cleveridge had to say: cleverbridge (Customer Support) Jul 14, 12:11 CDT Hi Kenneth, Thank you for contacting cleverbridge. According to our records your Malwarebytes
  6. The entire MBAM directory was excluded, but didn't seem to help. upon reboot, however, the problem resolved itself. Thanks for your help.
  7. Unfortunately, when I booted this morning, Malware Protection had switched OFF, and will not switch back on.. It was fine yesterday, when the machine (Win 7 Pro) was shut down. I'm wondering if something invaded my PC yesterday. I have attached my mb-check report - hope it helps. mb-checkResult.txt
  8. After becoming disheartened with MBAM 3.06 and returning to tried and true 2.2.1 several months back, I noted the release of 3.1.1 and decided to give it a shot. I ran mb-clean after removing MBAE and then installed 3.1.1. It installed and updated without issue, and activated my pro key, also without issue. I lives happily with my ZoneAlarm firewall and Avira av. After many months of frustration, trying to get 3.06 (in various flavours) working properly, it's only fair and fitting to offer the dev team a big THANK YOU for sorting it out. Well done.
  9. Thank you - I have removed 3.0.6~ from my computer and installed - no more activation failures, no more "cannot connect to update server" nonsense. No more support insistance that 3.~ bugs are the fault of some other security software.
  10. Same thing here...after a long and successful run with earlier versions, I updated to 3.0* back in December...and the nightmare began. I'm up to, component pkg version 1.0.69. Earlier problems with protection modules failing seem to have been fixed, but the connect failure you experience has been a regular feature of 3.0.6, and MBAM's response seems to drill down to, "disable your anti-virus, uninstall MBAM, re-install MBAM," which has not solved the problem, but HAS caused my 3.0.6 to reject my activation data, thus depriving me of all real-time protection. I've tried 3.0.6
  11. > At this point I don't have any patience to waste more of my time sending detailed information to you, much as I regret it. Amen, amen. Yesterday I was asked to remove all anti-virus protection (aside from MBAM), and then uninstall MBAM and re-install the exact same version. Sorry, no.
  12. > For me after about 23 hours give or take an hour (i fell asleep at keyboard) without kaspersky, > malwarebytes stuff down web protection. When these pesky issues cropped up (3.05), support blamed it on Avira, so I removed Avira. Sorry, no banana. Next it was "We think Super Anti-spyware's the problem," so I removed it, too, and uploaded 3.06. Not only did Web Protection turn itself off again, but the dreaded, "Failure to connect with the update server" popup popped up. Re-installed Avira. Re-installed SAS (although it doesn't seem to do much but zap cookies t
  13. Thank you for mentioning the folder may be hidden - it is on my Win7 Pro system. This is repeated over and over again - I assume it relates to the failure to connect to your update servers: Date Time Tick Count Process ID Thread ID Log Level Context Tag Function Name File Name Line Number Message 02/11/17 " 04:05:52.766" 3274242 06b8 0c78 DEBUG PEImportHash mb::common::pe::PEFile::GetImportString "PEImportHash.cpp" 647 "Could not get import directory data." Hope you find this useful!
  14. Well spoken...and boy, do I relate. 3.0.6 is causing constant grief...web protection turns off one morning, the next morning some other function disables itself...and through it all, it refuses to connect to MBAM's server, so cannot be updated. It is only because I am a long-time happy customer that MBAM remains on my PC (and mobile). I know they're working on these issues, and I have faith the team will sort it out in due course.
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