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  1. Aura, Okay, Sorry, I didn't see your message about sticking with the open ticket till the end. I uninstalled 3.06 and reinstalled it. Now, I have a desktop shortcut, dashboard, etc. Noticed that all layers except Ransomware were 'ON'. Performed an update, then a scan, and quaratine the infected items. Afterwards, I did received a message that all layers were not turned on. Opening the protection label in the dashboard, I see that 'Web Protection' is off and that ransomware is still 'unavailable'. I clicked on the button which caused it to change from 'off' to 'starting'. So far, I've no
  2. Alright, in Aug 2016, I bought a 2yr sub to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and now, I've got the key! As I said before, it shows that I've installed version 3.06 on Jan 29th. Now, should I uninstall 3.06 and try to re-install this version, an earlier version, or wait for support?
  3. Got an response back from support with a ticket number.
  4. Thanks, I don't have Ransomware. I have Malwarebytes version 3.06.1469.
  5. Emailed support again, maybe something happened with my first email. This time it said that it was successful, maybe I'll get a ticket number etc.
  6. I'm not sure what I had bought. It was purchased back in September time frame. On Jan 29th, I thought that I was just doing an update, as I've done in the past, but during the download it said something about a new platform. So, I believe that the answer to your question is that I'm getting this error with 3.0.6. I don't think that I have Anti-Ransomware installed.
  7. Aura, Spam folder is empty. Still no reply from support.
  8. Did an upload on Jan 29, and now I get this same issue with the "Unable to start", "Unable to connect to the service". Not sure where or how to obtain my key/registration to uninstall/reinstall. Sent an email to 'support', no reply back.
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