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  1. Hello, Seems like the other domain on that IP is also on the block list. Requesting removal of it as well. Thanks! - see other post:
  2. Hello, Currently, on VirusTotal, hpHosts is making my site as malware. I have gone through and removed any uploads that have been scanned and marked as malware, as well open usage is no longer allowed, so no more random people can use it to distribute malware, so this should not be an issue anymore. Thanks for your assistance!
  3. Hello all, u.teknik.io is currently on MalwareBytes's hpHosts. I am requesting a removal as the site does not host malware, and any that are caught being uploaded are deleted immediately. IP Address: If you see some that I have not caught, please let me know and i'll be glad to verify and remove them. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Currently noticed that two subdomains are on the hpHosts emd list (one of which isn't even a real url). The site is clean, and routinely runs malware scans on all user uploads. And if any are flagged, they are removed immediately. Requesting removal of all subdomains for teknik.io [], specifically u.teknik.io and www.u.teknik.io. Thanks! - Teknik Admin
  5. Thank you, the file has been removed. As well, I have updated the signature list for the ClamAV and it has retroactively removed a bunch. You can see the history here: https://status.teknik.io/#takedowns Let me know if you would like me to do anything else to be removed. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I checked those files, and most (~95%) were deleted already (probably by the automated system). And of the remaining, they do not trigger a malware scan. As well, since the url u.teknik.io is blacklisted, any file at that domain will show up in that list. Seems like a catch 22? Can you let me know what files in the url section are malicious files so I can remove them? Thanks!
  7. Hello Dashke, I have verified that the file you specified was malware and removed it. Is there a better method to be scanning for these? I am using ClamAV with many signatures. Can you re-check and verify that there is no longer malware and remove the block? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am the site admin for Teknik, and would like to request a removal of u.teknik.io from the hpHosts. The records show that the entries were from earlier this year, and have subsequently been fixed. https://hosts-file.net/?s=teknik.io&view=matches As well, if there are any other current blocks within Malwarebyte's database for teknik.io and it's subdomains, I request those to be removed as well. Thank you for your help, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! - Teknik Admin
  9. The site is currently being marked as malware by Malwarebytes hpHosts. This is not true and the site does not host any malware. Requesting removal from the system. Thanks!
  10. Thank you, the file has been removed. Requesting a rescan and removal.
  11. Hello, I am the administrator for the site Teknik.io, and the Malwarebytes hpHosts is marking my site as a malware site. I have performed scans, and regularly do, and there is no malware on or hosted by the site. I request to have the site removed from this classification. Log: https://p.teknik.io/g8RUr IP: Thanks!
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