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  1. FAILED 1060: the specified services does not exist as an installed service. I don't know if this makes a difference, but the cmd prompt opened up to system32 when this is an 64 bit machine. Before I attach a zip file with undoubtedly a lot of information about my computer and definitely more information than I want banging around this forum, are you the only one that can access this file or can anyone open it? Do you have phone support? Obviously something is wrong not of my doing, but to have to leave message after message takes a lot of time. Let me know about the file access please and
  2. I followed the instructions in the support article link and have attached the file as requested. MB did install but real time web protection won't enable - I can't slide the bar to on and the popup saying to turn on web protection - like I wouldn't want the main thing to work - well, that showed up about 3 minutes after I stopped trying. I'd say those diagnostics are needed. mb-clean-results.txt
  3. I also had the problem with malwarebytes not showing up after a standard reset and if I remember, I had this happen the LAST time there was an update. It's a known issue - why not fix it so it doesn't happen? Besides, after following your instructions, it's stuck on the install screen. I like it when things just work - I'm not using your free version, so that makes it even worse when things don't work. Please advise - also, the installer (if it ever works) wasn't attempting to download what you say is the latest version - it was something like 3.1 or something like that. I just accepted b
  4. That's wonderful - but I guess in the meantime I shouldn't delete it huh? Or suspend it via task manager?
  5. Hello - this file belonging to malwarebytes uses waaaaaaaay too much memory - 271,2841k right now - way more than the program I'm running. I saw a couple of previous threads discussing this memory hog, but didn't see a resolution, work around, or any real answer that I'd feel comfortable doing. I have like 16gb of memory on this laptop, but I do play a memory-intensive game and wonder if I can safely disable it while I play or if there are any other suggestions to reduce the super huge size of this file. Please advise and thanks.
  6. Hello - after the recent update, malwarebytes isn't automatically starting at launch, and once I manually start it, it doesn't stay in the system tray - is it even working? This seems like a problem that shouldn't be happening. Please advise. Soon.
  7. Hello - is it possible to disable MB while gaming? In a way that makes it easy to restore the settings to what they should be after I'm finished gaming? Let me know and thanks!
  8. Well, well, well - something FINALLY worked the way it was supposed to. Even though the program is running, all protections are enabled, the check for updates ran and a new scan is running, I DO NOT consider this a win because I lost half of my day and all of last night working on something that should have been seamless and transparent to me. You all really need to check the links provided in some of these forums, because they're sending people to sites that have I don't know - MALWARE. In particular the Malwarebytes Support Tool thread - the mb-check and mb-clean links should be looked at
  9. I ran the MB-clean tool and it supposedly removed the malwarebytes program BUT IT DID NOT REINSTALL AFTER THE REBOOT - IT JUST SITS THERE!!!!!! This is totally unacceptable - how are your products that should be helping just work so poorly? And please don't say it's something I did wrong - all I did was exactly what you said to do and it's still not working! There's NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL FOR SUPPORT and it's clear the support I'm able to get here IS NOT WORKING! I just uploaded a screenshot and the error log generated by the non-install of malwarebytes after the mb clean tool didn't
  10. What version of Malwarebytes do you have installed? - / component package version - 1.0.43 / update package version - 1.0.2206 What antivirus program are you using? - Norton security I tried downloading the FRST64.EXE and Norton says it's unsafe and removed it. Thanks for your help, BUT I NEED THIS PROBLEM TO BE FIXED! i refuse to download things recommended by this site because it either LOCKS UP MY COMPUTER (MBCHECK) or IT KICKS OFF MY ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM (FRST). How can Malwarebytes recommend LINKING TO FAULTY WEBSITES that are supposed to help?!
  11. Since I can't visit any websites, what with my real-time protection being on the blink, I downloaded the mb check file you recommend in the whole thread dedicated to your new update not working, and tried to run it and my whole laptop locked up - I just got the circle going around and around and had to hold down the power button to turn the machine off. I couldn't get the to the task menu thing to shut it down, so now I can't even follow your instructions to figure out why your program won't run. What now?
  12. So you get so many complaints about a problem that YOU'RE NOT FIXING that you just stop allowing people to make posts? You force people to open a new topic?! THIS IS NOT NOT NOT how I like products I pay for to perform!! I've tried all the things you've suggested and it's STILL NOT WORKING!!! I'm not a computer savvy person WHICH IS WHY I PAY FOR THINGS TO PROTECT MY COMPUTER and FOR SAID THINGS TO WORK!!!!!!!!! No matter what I do - or should I say - no matter what you all tell me to do - my protection layers won't stay turned on, specifically the real-time protection layer AND IF THAT
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