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  1. It's now about 3pm here in Berlin, Germany, and it appears the problem was just fixed. My updates just went from 1.1906 to 1.1976. Great job! Thanks.
  2. 1. Brief description of the issue. When I right-click any file to scan it with MWB, I get the message seen in the screenshot every time. 2. Any screenshot(s) of error messages ... Attached 3. If the system crashed, ... No. I can close the error message and everything's fine. Scheduled scans or "Scan Now" requests (from the main interface) work fine. 4. Operating System Details Windows 7 Professional SP 1 x64. It generally works fine, and - by the way - I can do a right-click scan with my Norton Internet Security v. just fine. 5. Details on how you encountered the bug and any steps that can be taken to reproduce it. See number 1. 6. Do you get the same result more than once if you follow the same steps? Yes, I get the error message every time. 7. A copy of the contents of C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs in a ZIP file. Attached. Thank you for your help. P.S. Is there any way to reset the "Scan Detections" line on the Dashboard back to 0? Thanks. logs.zip
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