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  1. Printer is still working properly today, so I updated my Acronis backup image.
  2. I generally avoid being a Beta tester, if possible. But this time I made an exception, and installed the beta as you suggested. The printer still seems to be working, and it has been about 15 minutes since I restarted Windows.
  3. I made the changes you suggested, and it seemed to work after I restarted Windows. For about 10 minutes the HP 4300 printer was available. But then the printer went offline again. I had to turn off Web Protection and reboot again to use the printer.
  4. I am SO glad to find this message thread. I have been trying to solve the same problem since the beginning of September. I am quite surprised that MalwareBytes web protection is the culprit!!! I have two network printers, an HP LaserJet 4300 and LaserJet 9040, each having a stable IP address on the LAN. I did the clean reinstall of MalwareBytes as described in an earlier message. After rebooting, I noticed my printers were offline. I then disabled MalwareBytes web protection, rebooted, and now my printers are working properly.
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