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  1. Hello, Seeing the exact same problem with MWB 4.1.0 blocking Synology Assistant searching for devices on multiple Windows 10 1903 systems. Added C:\Program Files (x86)\Synology\Assistant\DSAssistant.exe to the application exclusion list with no success. No block notifications in the history or logs. Disabling web protection allows it to identify devices on the network. Rich
  2. Hi Cecile, unfortunately not. Once Malwarebytes was rolled back to, the service case was closed. Service time to remove the functioning 2.x and reinstall 3.x on the clients systems just for the logs would be prohibitive. Sorry.
  3. Hi Cecile, in all 3 cases, the prior license was Malwarebytes Home Premium One of the systems was cleaned with mbam-clean.exe and Malwarebytes Home Premium was reinstalled and activated, but had the same performance issues. They all are at now without any issues.
  4. Just within the last 2 days, I have had several clients install MalwareBytes via after mbam clean or existing upgrade. In three specific cases, the Windows 7 SP1 McAfee Security Suite 15.x from AT&T system immediately became slow and unusable. Another Windows 7 Pro SP1 client running current Thunderbird 45.7.0 lost all email folders and accounts when opened. Yet another client running Norton Business Suite on Windows 8.1 Pro also was unuseable from slowness. Shutting down MalwareBytes resolved the problem on all systems. In all cases, reverting back to MalwareBytes completely resolved all issues. Was this even platform tested before releasing?
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