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  1. I have Norton already as my main defense, and have used them for many, many years. Never something like this with them. Added Malwarebytes a few years back for added protection, but they have been more buggy, but this was the worst, and at the worst time. This was an ordinary, regular update, and it should have been tested internally before release. Given how many people were affected, they really messed up big and cost me real money...and that has never happened to me before. Just saying that there should be a little more than just a boilerplate apology/fix. This really hurt...
  2. I lost an important recording for a client session because of this "update". All 3 of my computers crashed, and my laptop was in use with my client, recording our session which is now lost. I lost $250 and much more than that in time, (fixing my computers, trying to recover the lost recording, cancelling my next session). I am mad and I do not feel I can trust your program, service and manner of dealing with your customers. You just think you can put out a fix for your error, and everyone should be happy. You ruined my day, cost me money and I do not see any attempt whatsoever by you to take responsibility or take measures to make sure your way of updating will not make this happen again. Why, why would I reinstall and use your product? Why should I trust you? Really, why?
  3. All three of my computers froze and/or had BSOD's today. I suspected some bad update from somewhere had to be at fault, given 3 machines at once. Now having viewed the message board here I know. I am really, really angry. I have uninstalled the program on all 3 computers for now. The most critical issue is that it crashed my laptop while recording a session with a client. That's $250 of my time possibly ruined. I am attempting to use EaseUS Data Recovery to see it I can get the raw audio recording recovered/restored. If not, I have to do the work all over again. NICE!! Thanks a lot Malwarebytes for ruining my day. I also had to cancel my next appointment, another $350 gone for now. Really!! This is protection!!?? I am beyond angry, I am extremely angry and want an apology. I am not going to use this program without some major reassurances that should be true for all security programs (as it is in Medicine), FIRST DO NO HARM!!! Be nice if they could just observe that rule. Anyway, back to work trying to get my work (and life) back!
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