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  1. Hello, Here is a reply I received from the support team today. The issue has now been resolved and my devices all work today: We found that this issue was caused by corrupted database update. We have addressed the issue. If you have not already uninstalled and reinstalled the Malwarebytes app on your device, please do so. Afterwards, go to the device Settings > General tab > Apps > Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and tap the Clear Data button. Reboot the device. Next, launch the app and perform a manual update. Go to the setting screen and tap Settings
  2. I'm also feeling a little better knowing we're not alone with this issue. I'm curious, do you also have a Moto G phone as well? Thanks BTW, I left a support ticket request with MBAM on this issue so I'll report back with their recommendations.
  3. I'm also experiencing the exact same problem with my Moto g4 Plus. Just started doing this today. Tried everything you did with same results. I've had this app for several months with no issues until today. I also have a second older Moto g with the exact same issue. I'm puzzled at this point since the app worked so well until today.
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