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  1. @ dcollins I'm here to tell you that cu4 has not changed a thing. I completely uninstalled with Revo, ran Ccleaner, ran the Mb cleanup tool, rebooted, reinstalled and the first thing that happened was the web protection layer would not load. Remember that little bug? Ram usage is exactly the same as before. Clicking on sends me to the same page as before. So I guess it's back to the old drawing board.
  2. @dcollins I have uninstalled cleaned and reinstalled every new update and some in between since version 3.0.5 and it is wearing my patience very thin. Surely you don't believe that this is a panacea for all this sick program's woes. Why can't you say that your test page is faulty or that my web protection is defective? It's got to be one or the other!
  3. Thanks for the heads up Porthos. I thought that a direct connection with the support team would be the best way to resolve issues but I see that this forum seems to be quicker and better informed than the robot that has been handling my case so far. If I don't get a logical answer soon I will take your advice and post some new logs here.
  4. I have been trying to get a fix for this problem from the support team for the last couple of months. The program since the cu3 update has been working as it should with the iptest.malwarebytes.org URL but if I click on in chrome or edge I get the your IP protection is disabled page. I have been clean installing every update since version 3.0.5. I have sent all the logs, ran FRST fixes twice and now they are asking me to do the same things again. The support team says that I'm the only one that has reported this and it must be unique to my Hp Windows 10 64 bit laptop. I say
  5. I have just gone through the same process and experienced the same results apart from the web protection layer would not activate until I closed MB from the tray and reopened it with the desktop shortcut. This new update has still not fixed the IP protection bug. If I click on I am still getting the page informing me that my IP protection is disabled. The support team has known about this serious fault for several months and has no idea what is causing it. They have been sending me around in circles since 3.0.6 was released. I have even read in this forum that the issue is
  6. Thanks for your reply, Becky. I have opened a ticket with the support team and they have been working on this issue for the past few weeks. So far no cause or solution has been found. The case no. is #: 1201588. I am more than a little concerned that this product is unable to detect it's own test URL, let alone something more malicious. Perhaps you can enlighten me on whether or not I can rely on this program in its current form?
  7. Hello Becky I have just installed the new preview and experienced no problems and everything appears to be operational. The DNS glitch has been fixed but if I click on this I am still getting this page.
  8. Hello Becky. Does this update need another complete uninstall of the previous version, to install correctly?Will this update address the web protection on but does not block anything issue? I am tired of troubleshooting this problematic program.
  9. I have installed the new beta update hoping to fix the web protection on but doesn't block anything bug. This was able to be installed over the existing program without the need of a thorough clean out. Everything was on and settings and exceptions remained as before. I tried the IPTEST URL. and got the same DNS can't be found error. I then tried the and got the If you have reached this page your IP protection is disabled. same as before. I then rebooted to see if that would help. after the reboot, the ransomware module was off and would not restart. I disabled MB and re
  10. I believe that they have been swamped by the sheer volume of customer requests for help. That does not excuse their lack of communication or even acknowledgment that this program is a dog that should not even be in Beta. Malwarebytes has really shot themselves in the foot with this. There appears to be conflict issues with a lot of other software. MBAM is no longer a second opinion program that will play happily with other AVs. I think it is probably having compatibility issues even with itself. I will wait and see if the next release is bug free. If not, I'm gone and not coming back even thou
  11. I am experiencing the same thing as Battlefists and Robertiy. After updating from MBAM to version 3.04 I encountered conflict problems partly because MBAE did not uninstall properly. Even after getting all the real time layers to load, I was still getting popups saying they hadn't. Version 3.05 seemed to work fine but could not be installed over the top of 3.04. Then I got a prompt to update to 3.06 and installing that opened another can of worms. Anyhow, I managed to get it to operate normally with everything turned on and no popups. Then I stumbled across this thread and I decided to test t
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