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  1. Sorry I'm not a beta tester and I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. I have disabled the ransomware module and my laptop is now happier than it's been since I started using MB premium four years ago. The symptoms were exactly the same as when I tried to run it alongside Sophos Home, a few years ago. The only reason that I chose to stick with MB then was that I had paid for a subscription, so I uninstalled Sophos. I've had many other unexplainable issues that I'm sure now that are MB related. My patience has run out, MB has worn out it's welcome on my laptop and I won't be renewing my subs
  2. I'm having the same issue on my laptop. A reboot temporarily fixes the problem. I've run into this a few times in the past. There's definitely a conflict going on with the new version of Windows Defender. When it happens again i'll try disabling the ransomware module on one or the other programs. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a flood of questions about this very issue.
  3. Same issue here. I'll just check for an update. Somebody needs an arse kicking.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys. I was referring to the just-released alleged stable version that I have been offered via the Windows update settings. After the last version debacle, I'm a little gun shy about pulling the trigger on this one. I usually click quit Malwarebytes before checking for minor updates if they haven't already auto installed themselves first. MBAM usually turns its self back on after the reboot. It's probably best to wait at least a week or so in case there's a recall like last time.
  5. Is it necessary to disable some of the modules or even uninstall MB Premium before updating to the new 1903 Windows build? I have never bothered in the past but I would just like to sure this time as I have control of when it installs. Thanks in advance. Ian
  6. I suggest that you go to your my account page and see if you can navigate the loop of links. Then you may get some idea of the frustration of coming to a dead end every time. I will not waste any more time chasing my tail on something that should be as simple as one or two mouse clicks. The example page that you posted earlier and highlighted in red, said that after you pay for your subscription, you can go to your my account page and change the renewal details. That is clearly not the case. I eventually navigated to a support box and I requested that I wanted auto-renewal disabled. That was e
  7. There was a balls-up with the provided link. It has been removed and all is good now apart from still not being able to disable auto-renew.
  8. I just tried that manage your subscription link and it said that my licence would expire on 8/21/2019 and won't be renewed. My licence doesn't expire until 8/17/2020 so I cancelled the request. Now it says it will auto-renew on 8/21/2019. Now I don't know what's going to happen. I was thinking of using the paid version for my phone. No chance of that now.
  9. Lately, I've noticed that a daily scan is being added to my scan schedule. I have it set up to scan once a week but it is now adding a once a day entry all by it's self. I'm guessing it's happening after a Windows update or the reboot that goes with it. Please don't ask for logs, I don't want to waste any more time on this troublesome program. Perhaps others are experiencing the same thing and the boffins can fix it in the next update.
  10. What a load of codswallop! The third party payment handler's instructions come directly from the first party. If it's possible to change payment methods easily via my account page, it should be just as easy to opt out of this unscrupulous practice. My payment method option is by PayPal, so I will be instructing them to refuse payment. Since I have had no reply from Cleverbridge, it appears that this is my only practical solution.
  11. I can't believe that the so called experts and trusted advisers can't give a straight answer to a simple question like how do I disable auto renew. The best you can provide is a link to a labyrinth page that leads to no useful information on the relevant subject. I sent a request to the Cleverbridge support team from that page three weeks ago and so far have not received a reply. If I can change my payment method in My account with the click of a mouse key then why can't I disable this dodgy arraignment the same way? And for the forum gurus supporting this shonky practice, shame on you.
  12. I intended to go back to Sophos Home Free when my MBAM subscription ended in a few weeks. They were offering everything MBAM does in a free version but recently, they started charging for some of the features that used to be free. I decided to give MBAM another chance to finally get their act together. I think Malwarebytes and Windows Defender will be adequate for my requirements. Sophos is a good product but I don't think that they have any intention of fixing the issue with Malwarebytes. It's up to Malwarebytes to ensure that their software doesn't battle with other AVs or AMs. To exnon2008.
  13. Like I said in my last post. This issue is not new. Disabling the web module is only a temporary fix. Adding exclusions doesn't work. The only way to fix this conflict issue is to uninstall one of the programs. I ran the two for a few weeks without problems until a windows update and restart tripped the problem. At first, I blamed the update but after further investigation, I uninstalled Sophos Home. Problem solved. After reinstalling, the issue was back. I can't believe that this has not been reported before. It has been discussed at length in the Sophos forums.
  14. I used to run Sophos home alongside the old MB version 2. I experienced the same problems with my laptop. It would start with Chrome and eventually freeze the whole computer. After much frustration, I narrowed it down to the web protection modules conflicting with each other. If I switched one or the other off, I had no problems until Sophos released an update. After that, the two would not play together at all. Because I had eighteen months left on my MB subscription, it was Sophos that got the boot. Then MB version 3 came out and I regretted my decision. It definitely sounds like that there
  15. I just received an email inviting me to create an account. I think that it can't do any harm so I click the link and I am told that there is already an account using my email address. OK, I already have an account, that is why I get an email each month. So I decide to access the account and I'm told that I need to verify my email address. There are no instructions to do this so I reset my password. After successfully doing that, I try again to log on to my account and I'm told again that I need to confirm my email. The old endless loop trick. I have just wasted another hour of my time on a fut
  16. Thank you exile360, for answering my query. I don't want to waste any more time, so I will just wait for them to contact me and see what they are offering before I commit to renewing.
  17. My two-year subscription runs out next month. I used Cleverbridge to purchase the licence. My credit card details have changed since then. What happens when they try to auto update? If I am offered the same two years for the price of one at the old price, I will consider renewing. If not, goodbye. All the bugs and compatibility issues have worn my patience thin.
  18. It's these type of bugs that have been driving me nuts ever since MB 3 was released. I wondered why CCleaner would not update lately and at first, I blamed it on Windows defender controlled folder access causing the problem. I should have known that it would be good old MB being the cause again. Without these forums, I would have no idea what was going on. I will definitely not be renewing my subscription when it is due. My patience threshold has been reached.
  19. Thanks, Imacri. I'm convinced that it is the controlled access that is causing problems. If in future it blocks something I don't want to be blocked I will add an exclusion or temporarily disable it before I install something that needs to add or modify a desktop icon. I'm surprised that the support team has not observed and corrected this by now. Another minus browny point to add to my long list of gripes about MB mark 3.
  20. The Windows Defender module causing the blocking is the controlled folder access setting. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/windows-defender-exploit-guard/controlled-folders-exploit-guard This from what I can see was added in the 1709 update. I can not find the actual modification that it blocked as it doesn't keep a log like it does for scan detections. Exclusions can be added to this if you know the name of the folder that's tripping the warning. As I have only had this problem since the last major Windows update, I am convinced that they are related. I sugg
  21. The Windows Defender blocking is from the controlled folder access module stopping changes to the desktop shortcut.I have added exclusions for every MB folder file and exe that I can find but next time I update I will just disable this module before installing. The notification saying that I don't have enough space is bogus as there is 930 GB of free space on my drive. To you Ron. If you think nobody else is experiencing this, we will wait and see. For now, the program seems to be working fine but my confidence in this product has waned to almost zero.
  22. Sorry, I've been down that road before and I haven't got time or patience to do it again. As far as I can see the update has been installed. I'm just not sure that I won't have a problem with it later. If Windows Defender is flagging this as malicious? then that is something for your support team to sort out. Perhaps it has something to do with not listing MB in the Windows action center. That option has always been dodgy. If I list MB recommended setting it works fine until some time down the road after a reboot or update it causes Windows defender to disable itself and it can't be started ag
  23. I just installed the new patch release 3.4.5 on my windows 10 laptop. When the installment was almost complete I got a pop up saying that there was insufficient space and then a popup from Windows Defender saying it had blocked an unauthorized installation. After closing all notifications I checked MB and it appears to have been updated correctly. I think that the same thing happened in the last update. How can I be sure that it has been correctly installed?
  24. Well said Firefox. I have been chasing my tail with this software since December. My confidence in this program to match its claims has ebbed to almost zero. Just because the dashboard says it's working doesn't mean it is! Not allowing the program to be tested by a reputable organization is not a good look no matter what feeble excuse they provide. This program was released as stable five months ago and in my opinion, is only now only stable enough to be considered for beta testing.
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