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  1. Just wanted to say that I was having this issue for a while too. I use Mullvad VPN (which I believe Malwarebytes uses for their own VPN service) and figured that maybe something was going wrong with that. Then I come across this thread after a while of this issue, realize that IPv6 wasn't working due to Mullvad not having that enabled by default on Windows still after all this time (https://mullvad.net/en/blog/2014/9/15/ipv6-support/), and rebooted afterwords. Now Malwarebytes can connect to the server and can be seen by sites that test it. Currently things seem to be fine, so t
  2. I finally had time to do the scan. Unfortunately for data collection, the problem didn't occur again. However, I shall try and do my best to keep all the pieces of information in mind if it does occur again.
  3. When I get the chance I shall try and do that, and thanks for the heads up on me not being updated (which is strange since I click the update button every day to stay current).
  4. Hello once again. I haven't really had any problems with malewarebytes since the last the last post about being stuck at a file. However, I once again got stuck at a file for a very long period of time and decided that it would be good to give you guys the info, as I've been keeping on enhanced logs just in case it occurred again. To be clear thought, this time the scan did actually complete on it's own; ironically a few minutes after I started gathering info to add to this post. Thus, this is more of a "here's some stuff that may interest you" post that a "I need a problem solved right now" p
  5. Ok good and bad news. Good news, I did both a normal threat scan and a custom scan like the one that froze, but it didn't freeze this time. Bad news, that means I couldn't get the info to help you find the bug, but I still got the logs from both scans in case you want to look at them. Thanks for responding so quickly, and I'll keep enhanced logs on so if this happens again I can just post them here. Link to the new enhanced log files on dropbox (in case the files uploaded by the post uploader are having problems): https://www.dropbox.com/s/utfbr7t176euxvi/enhanced logs.rar?dl=0 enhance
  6. Hello. I've been a user of malewarebytes for a while now, and am very pleased with the service I have had from it so far. However, I have seemingly run into a problem where my scan has stopped at one of my files for some reason. I'm not the most tech savvy guy, and I admit that my naivete may be making me unable to find a solution that has already been said somewhere, but I just wanted to throw my hat out there and see if this could be fixed. I tired to do my best to follow the proper guidelines and give as much information as possible in a file that I have up on my dropbox (as the file size i
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