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  1. Not yet ( still using the free version ) but considering it as these fake antivirus programs seem to be on the increase. MBAM is an excellent product, probably the best out of many I have tried !
  2. Still seeing a rogue antivirus calling itself " System Security " this thing pops up frequently on Facebook Apps such as " Social Me ". I go into task manager and stop the process from running. Just wondering if MBAM has this definition. Besides MBAM, I'm running Avast 5 real time protection ( I have notified them as well )
  3. How many items did you retore ? I only restored the " actskin4.ocx " file ....quarantined as a trojan agent
  4. Actskin4.ocx is necesssary for Avas anti virus to load and run...I restored it fro my MB quarantine file ad now Avast runs fine.
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