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  1. Maurice, Your procedure worked perfectly on both computers and everything looks good. THANK YOU. As a long time customer I have been through many updates and most of them have caused a bit of aggravation, (especially to one who is not computer savvy), but I have enjoyed the peace of mind of having this program protecting my computers for 10 years now and I am grateful. Thank you, Donna
  2. Maurice, Yes I have 1 license for each computer, but I have NOT allowed the 3.8.3 update to install yet on either computer to avoid this license issue I was reading about. So when you used the phrase "re-activated" I am assuming you are thinking I have gone thru the process and all is squared away.
  3. I bought two separate licenses listed as "Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium (formerly Anti-Malware Premium) -- This is a lifetime subscription" on my my.malwarebytes account page purchased in 2009 & 2010. I was able to log in and view them and I have them activated on separate computers. Thank you
  4. I've learned the hard way not to allow updates without first checking this forum for issues. Glad I checked. I'm seeing pages of the lifetime license deactivation issues so I will wait before updating. My question is, is MWB going to put a fix in the update to debug this so we dont all have to go through this?
  5. I had the same issue with etrade.custhelp.com and etrade.widget.custhelp.com of constant popup warnings after logging into etrade. I had to put both into exclusions.
  6. I got rid of AVG free version when Malwarebytes seemed to have finally gotten their program working properly but here it is again. I downloaded the new version this morning since it was supposed to be a fix for this issue, but its still here. Beyond frustrated!
  7. After thinking I had this issue resolved it is back again this morning. I am beyond frustrated. I downloaded new version from this link but still cant get the web protection to turn back on. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200634-malwarebytes-31-now-available/
  8. Dcollins, All real time Protections are showing as 'on' now after clicking "Enable self-protection module early start" then rebooting, then clicking the Web Protection button, but was I supposed to get this message when I went to iptest.malwarebytes.org? Am I fully protected or not? Thank you.
  9. I am also getting the "Real Time Protection Layers turned off" popups since new update yesterday, which turns out to be web protection that never gets past the spinning start button. All these solutions and checks are pure greek to me so can I just go back to the previous version until this new version gets fixed? Would I have to completely uninstall this very version first? And where do I find the download for prior version. Thanks so much
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