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  1. Malware Bytes seems to prevent you from adjusting the priority of their process through task manager (get an access denied popup when I try). So there appears to be no work around. Please help.
  2. I have premium, it was a scheduled scan that ran, I didn't turn it on. Looking at the advances settings for the scheduled scan there is no background scan option either. Seems odd that they would remove the background scanning option. I understand it was a major upgrade. But it is very important to do background scan and not... foreground. Because the alternative to a background scan, is a end-of-day scan - which requires a "auto shut off after scanning is complete" option, which also isn't available. So yes, I'm sure you have had plenty of complaints already about the CPU usage (I have seen them), so just wondering what the status is on this issue. Or the workaround. For some reason when I looked in task manager, I couldn't see how to manually set a lower priority for the process anymore... I guess Windows 10 is conspiring with Malware Bytes to slow me down. I will investigate manual lower priority next time.
  3. To clarify, it clogs my CPU when scanning only. And I like malware bytes and recommend to everyone so please help me thanks.
  4. Hello, recently was given the upgrade to Malware Bytes 3.0. It now completely clogs my computer's CPU and makes it somewhat unusable. Before upgrading there was a "Run in Background" option, and never had a problem with CPU usage. How do I make Malware Bytes 3.0 run in the background? OR, how do I re-install 2.x until you add this feature? Thank you.
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