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  1. You can mark this topic as solved. Got a tip to check cleartype font settings in w10 (cfg > fonts > turn on cleartype). That solved the problem. Thank you for your attention/help. kind regards, Kat
  2. @LiquidTension I had no issues with malwarebytes 3 latest version before I installed version 4. I will start with the info from Exile360 and will turn to #2 technical issues if needed. thank you, Kat ----- it can take a few days before I reply here because of personal situation.
  3. Hello, The font looks like on the picture. How can I adjust to a better looking font? thank you, Kat
  4. Greetings Exile360, I would have added the info you asked but I started with checking windows, added (video)driver updates, windows updates and allround checks (to see if there were any errors),reboots and after this everything I tested was working like intended. The capture scrolling page worked fine again too. Thank you for help but consider it solved now. ? /best regards, Kat
  5. I'm using Malwarebytes / 1.0.463 / 1.0.6983 and Faststone Capture 9.0 To reproduce my error: I found that FS Capture's 'capture scrolling window' is not working anymore. After disabling MWB 'web protection' it works fine again.
  6. Got something blocked by malwarebytes as riskware. I supect a false positive. Please investigate. My system is 100% clean. I'm using AirVPN and curl.exe is a file from airvpn's 'Eddie' cfg software. The IP that is blocked is and it belongs to https://www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php?ip= Thank you
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