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  1. This is doubly annoying for me as whoever wrote the code for the pop up didn't do a proper job. It doesn't respect the "always on top" settings of other programs so I have to close my sidebar app to see and click the "X" button. Every other program that uses popups/notifications shows the notification to the left of the sidebar.
  2. Yeah, I'm not upgrading to 2004 until things have settled down. 🙂 I'll see if the performance improvement survives a reboot.
  3. Okay, this is kind of strange. I turned off ransomware protection and Sourcetree sped up as expected. But when I turned ransomware protection back on, Sourcetree did not slow back down. Even when I exited the program and relaunched it, Sourcetree had fast performance.
  4. Source code for all my projects is in different folders under C:\Repos. I excluded C:\Repos.
  5. @David-B Doing git operations inside Visual Studio is slower with Malwarebytes running but the performance hit is not as severe as it is with Sourcetree. @Porthos Did that. No improvement.
  6. Can you please look at how Malwarebytes interacts with Sourcetree? https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/ With Malwarebytes turned on, many of Sourcetree's operations are 5-6x slower. Just bringing up a local repo takes 6 seconds vs. <1 sec if Malwarebytes is off.
  7. Can we get a statement from Malwarebytes stating that it does not engage in these kinds of practices (both with the Home and Business products)? It would be helpful if I could point to something if my clients ask.
  8. -Website Data- Category: Phishing Domain: secure.counterpath.com IP Address: Port: 65058 Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\CounterPath\Bria\bria.exe
  9. I've got a client who requires the use of Pulse Secure's Secure Application Manager to connect to their network. https://docs.pulsesecure.net/WebHelp/Content/PCS/PCS_AdminGuide_8.2/CHAPTER 24 Secure Application.htm I've been using the VPN software for years but Malwarebytes 3 interferes with VPN traffic. For example, when I try to connect to SQL Server using Management Studio on my PC the first login will eventually fail with "network name not found". If I click OK within about a minute of the error message to log in again then it will succeed. More than that causes it to fail again. An
  10. See screenshot for old and now upgraded. Here's hoping...
  11. Protection layers shutting off randomly, disappearing and reappearing in Windows Action Center, and now taking 2.5 - 4 GB of RAM. Is MBM 3.0 ever going to be stable?
  12. This is still happening with It kills Internet access which in turn kills my nightly cloud backup job.
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