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  1. worked on netbook without login at download-location. will now try on old pc.
  2. definitively something wrong with the hotfix-link. same error on Edge-.netbook. pls send me wetransfer-link. thanks a lot
  3. can you pls upload to wetransfer and post link here. it will open for 7 days. maybe you would need my email. will send by pm. third winxp-drive. no access. will no try on netbook Windows 10S/Edge.
  4. i see cannot edit quoted threads. i have been online for hours also relogin didnt help. maybe restart FF. time to use Palemoon. have addons-workaround to make FEBE run. noscript not working anyhow. FF 45-3-ESR- 48.02(latest for Winxp SSE) would also work. MODERATOR: Pls correct my title to SSE2 from SSE.
  5. cannot reach. maybe my pc/hdd. drive should be ok for such tasks. will go to other or netbook. or cookie/cache-problem. Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: 2S119/1
  6. Cannot find the downloaded Hotfix anymore. pls upload it again. very urgent .Thanks a lot
  7. and SSD will not work on non-SSE2-pcs anyhow and on certain pcs like my universal(IDE/SATA) i had to run SSD boot-drive on second non-nvidia-chip-slot. ssd-drives are accessible on slot 1(SATA 0 to be precise) but only after booting up and turning it on afterwards. since its hotswapping one can reattach cable if no docking-station is available. mine has eSata there are pci-card(raid-card) and non-slot-cards (sata to Powerover eSata) which allow also booting.
  8. Do i have to disable, finish/shutdown Clamwin when running Malwarebytes?
  9. at that time it was 1 month after terriblec PC-problems started. Both dead. and at the same time some days before this answer my father died. so it was big chaos. very nice to see there is a solution. because i am missing malwarebytes so much. and i will buy the version for win7. after Microsoft has stopped nerving win7-users with bad updates like in january. Have a post-to german links only in sysopt. i am europanorama there.
  10. Does not work on Non-SSE2-processor-Win-xp-pcs. mb3-setup-legacywos- (thats the one for SSE2_Processor-Winxp-PCS Which one is still working for Non-SSE2-processor-Win-xp-pcs ?
  11. there was a patch to solve the non SSE-processor-problem: where to find? https://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?73929-Processors-with-no-SSE2-Support-and-XP The point is that Chrome and AVG issued updates that require SSE2 instruction set as mandatory and it occurred to me that the root source of this problem is the possibility that the programmes when constructed are compiled with a compiler that only uses SSE2 methodology within and as a result kills the use of that programme on any PC that uses non SSE2 type Processors. One bright light was that Malwarebytes issued a Patch to overcome this problem.
  12. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/210602-resolved-new-version-does-not-work-with-xp/ its seems SSE-processor is needed since i am getting error-message during installation.
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