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  1. Thanks guys, that seems to have done the trick. Hope it stays that way?.
  2. Hi Guys, M/B 3 wont launch, Had this prob yesterday so I restarted puter and it opened up. Same this morning so I uninstalled m/b and then reinstalled but this did not fix prob, Any ideas?..
  3. Hi, I had a message come up under a windows backdrop saying that I had virus's on my computer. I ran AVG and M/B but nothing was found..Am I therefore safe?
  4. Morning, I have tried to start m/b on puter but it wont launch. All I get is a couple of spins of the search icon then it disappears. Any ideas?.
  5. Morning , I have tried to launch m/b but it wont start up, the search curser spins a couple of times then disappears, any ideas please.?
  6. Cancel this desperate as I have fixed prob..many thx
  7. Hi Guys, My puter crashed after updating windows 10 so I had to re-set to factory settings. When I downloaded m/b free and entered my ID and Key it would not highlite activate box only the purchase box. And it does not recognise me as an account holder. I'm pretty basic with puter skills so baby step answers would be appreciated. thx
  8. Hi, I did what you advised and ran ADW and it found 12 threats that did not show on M/B. They were 5 pups and 7 Adware-pokki which i cleaned up. Thx for advise..rgds
  9. Thank you F, I managed to cut it short so i don't have any remnants of the pop up but will take your advise and use ublock.thx.
  10. Hi Guys, I was targeted by Microsoft windows today with a chance to win a new phone or free gift quite randomly, all i had to do was answer 3 questions in 4 minutes. I was suspicious so i tried to exit the screen but couldn't so i turned computer off. Has anyone else had this happen to them, and is it a scam.thx
  11. Hi Guys, I am only using MB 3.4 as protection on my puter, Do i need to run an antivirus as well, if yes which one do you recommend.thx
  12. Can i run Mcavee antivirus alongside Mb3.1.1
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