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  1. Thanks guys, that seems to have done the trick. Hope it stays that way?.
  2. Hi Guys, M/B 3 wont launch, Had this prob yesterday so I restarted puter and it opened up. Same this morning so I uninstalled m/b and then reinstalled but this did not fix prob, Any ideas?..
  3. Hi, I had a message come up under a windows backdrop saying that I had virus's on my computer. I ran AVG and M/B but nothing was found..Am I therefore safe?
  4. Morning, I have tried to start m/b on puter but it wont launch. All I get is a couple of spins of the search icon then it disappears. Any ideas?.
  5. Morning , I have tried to launch m/b but it wont start up, the search curser spins a couple of times then disappears, any ideas please.?
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