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  1. I can truly understand, now I have peace of mind..worrying about MWB everyday..the update caused many issues ..on my pc.
  2. F-Security Client Security Premium, is interfering with MWB. With the help from my support team, that helps with my pc, I let them uninstall MWB. He try to use the information that was provided me here, about F-Secure..did not work. So, with peace of mind..I have to uninstall and not use. Many issues to uninstall everything off my pc. But, everyday issues with MWB..it was not worth to keep it. My F-Security is protecting my pc.Hope, others will have the issues corrected. MWB support team, Tom, did not help me resolve the issues..I try everything..So I have to say..Goodby..MWB!!!
  3. I agree with photorooster, the old version worked just fine. Now with the upgrade, I have to reinstalled everyday with many issues. Tom from support email me some solutions, nothing worked. I just installed, now I get a pop-up , UNABLE TO START...UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVICE. This is getting annoying and take time. Any help will be appreciate..seems support just doesn't help..I have two cases open..and hope to get this resolve. All started with the new update. I have lifetime MWB. Thanks
  4. Yes, I have F-Secure on my PC. Everytime, I turn on the pc, I have to reinstall MWB, and than it starts working. This has to be done everyday. Hope, I can just leave MWB on and not install daily. Tom, at support email me help solutions, nothing worked. Can you explain about F-Secure..blocking the start up?? Thanks
  5. I have the same issue. Email to support and waiting to hear. I try to uninstall and reinstall, and removal of MWB..and I could not remove MWB..from my pc..and reinstall.. I email to support ..I have 2 cases numbers waiting to hear..It was working..than it not working..this issue started with the new update. I have the lifetime subscription Hope this issue will be resolve. I can not remove MWB from my pc..and reinstall..an error pop-up..runtime error..could not call proc. (at 44:134):..Now, my pc can not download MWB CORRECTLY. I
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