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  1. wow, very helpful. Thank you sir! Good for you....
  2. There is no official site I believe, at least I didn't find one. Really bad that they don't even give an option to downgrade to the previous version. I think it's good practive to keep the installation files from now on. I have got the previous version here, there are most versions of MBM listed: https://malwarebytes-anti-malware.de.uptodown.com/windows/old I have had the version on my disk and compared both files and they had the same CRC. Therefore I believe the site is confident and I downloaded the 3.3.1 version there. Here are the results, the second file is from the MBM servers: ; Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.0 malwarebytes-anti-malware-3-0-6-1469.exe 411490D8 ; Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.0 mb3-setup-consumer- 411490D8 To any mod that read this: It is a shame that we need to do such effort to just install the previous version of your software.
  3. Sure, but this is the second time in a short period of time their update is having a major impact on my computer. Last time about 2 month ago, thousand of users wasn't even able to start their computer again as mbm has eaten up the whole memory and freezes the computer on startup. My subscription goes until December. I have installed 3.3.1 now again, as this is running very good. Disabling web-protection is not a good workaround, as there is already a known issue that sugguest you to disable anti-ransomware in 3.4.4. What useful is a anti-malware when you have to disable almost all protection?
  4. And again an update of Malwarebytes is making lots of trouble on my computer. I have the exact same issue, open Chrome when Malwarebytes is running freezes the whole computer, nothing possible but hard reset. Two major issues after an update in less than 2 months. Thanks again for this garbage update. I'm done with this now, this is too much of a hassle. I have disabled the software for now. My subscription will be cancelled.
  5. Apology accepted. Great that you finally fixed the issue now within some hours, I have re-installed it and it seems to work properly again. But I would prefer and highly recommend if this ever happen again, please do a rollback of the faulty update first and then work on a solution. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, too easy obviously...A 5 year old would think first about a rollback
  7. ...I'm certain measures will immediately be put in place once the Devs fully understand the root cause to check for this issue for all future updates to prevent it from ever happening again. Whatever caused this, it's got to be something really obscure in the code as it's not something we've ever seen with the software prior to this to my knowledge. Wether it's true or not, 3 facts: 1: This is by far not the first time they messed up thousands of computers with their update 2: almost 2 hours after the issue occured and still no rollback 3: this very important thread is not pinned This tells me all I need to know when it comes to the question: Do I want to renew my subscription?
  8. no, a rollback would be an interim solution. Your solution is more than bad, not only that everyone has no protection now, the software eats ALL RAM. So for me the only way was to remove the software from the system.
  9. Really, test your updates before rolling them out to all of your customers. I bet your reputation did not grow a lot today.... How about a Rollback of this update meanwhile you're trying to find the issue?
  10. Also watch out of your RAM usage peeps, I've just realized it from another thread. MBM used 13GB of my RAM....insane....removed it from PC until this gets fixed. Man, I have subscription until december
  11. LOL I didn't realize this until I saw this thread. Wow _ Okay, now this piece of stuff of a software gets removed from my PC. RIP Malwarebytes
  12. Yeah thats at least the second time for me that t his happens too. And if this is not going to get fixes very soon, I don't think I will renew my subscription again. Not gonna happen.
  13. I've the same problem here, no webprotection possible and also the connection to the license server is broken somehow. No Kaspersky, only Windows Defender & Malwarebytes over the past 3 years.
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