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  1. the site is not blocked anymore. Didn't change anything.
  2. Hello, The chrome extension beta is false blocking the website, it says type scam/malware which it is not. The site doesn't have or includes any scam or malware files. There is no any detection with other protection tools I tried, even the premium malware bytes full program is not blocking the website. website: http://queensro.online/
  3. same issue here too. I tried to provide the log but the file is too large 1.2gb
  4. Thank you, I have already done that and I am currently back to v2.2, and everything working fine now. I am going to wait till 3.0.7 is out
  5. Hello, I have been running Malwarebyte before version 3.0 for years without a single issue. Today my malwarebytes has been updated to 3.0.6 and I can't complete any scan, it will just stop at "scan file system" and showing currently scanning a file, and it doesn't change or move, it has been like that for 10 hours, and I can't even cancel the scan. I have to restart the PC to get out of that.
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