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  1. I have NEVER had an issue with Malwarebytes NOT catching worms/trojans/general malware. I have in the last 3 weeks gotten plagued by explorer.exe. No security I have sees it or gets rid of it. The ONLY way I can seem to get rid of it(max 3 days) is to force shut down when I am done for the day. Otherwise it gets me to my Google homepage and that's it. I cannot access ANYTHING! What I have been doing is starting my PC to see if it's there(I'll know if everything is frozen) that way I can reboot if necessary. This morning I have something new: taskeng.exe, which can also be a virus, worm etc. I am PC average. I have spent days on this and I have other things to do. I'm at the point that I am going to have to hire someone to handle this. I am not savvy enough technically to go into the bios or 90% of what Google has said to do and at this point I do not trust any link that says I need to download this/that & the other. I paid for security that isn't catching what is plaguing me. Help! I need a way to do this that is easy for a semi-tecky. Random dumb question. I had issues the middle of May(ended up ,being my cordless keyboard) the USB was broken. I got a USB hub and plugged it into the remaining USB in the front. Keyboard works perfectly. It was after this that all this .EXE began. Any chance it could have been the USB or is that just coincidence? Thank you Windows 7 32-bit Chrome/sometimes Firefox
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