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  1. Late reply sorry. I re-installed Windows (7) and didn't have Malwarebytes installed, only Avast and I started getting the freezes again at desktop on boot and long pauses when doing various things. I switched to Bitdefender free and the freezing went away. The common denominator for me seems to be Avast so looks like I was wrong in my assessment that MB's was causing it. Although it did help the first time when I stopped it from running.
  2. I've also had the hanging at boot since December. Computer would also totally freeze during scanning requiring a hard reset. I turned it (MB) off at boot and the problems went away. The only other 2 things loading at boot outside Windows were Avast and Colour Munki software. Windows 7 x64.
  3. Ah, ok. Thanks. All's well that ends well. Have a good weekend ☺️
  4. Hi miekiemoes, I just scanned the file with MB and it came up clean. It was in my quarantine though from an earlier detection (restored now). Not sure what's going on there. I think Brushbox does some things when Photoshop is loaded so maybe that's what was causing it? Thanks.
  5. Hi there, This Photoshop extension has been detected as suspicious. https://gumroad.com/l/brushbox Location of the file = C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions\com.derrickbarth.brushbox\bin\win\brushbox.exe Thanks. brushbox.7z
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