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  1. That's fine. And I'm sure that suits you well, but you can't expect every user to live out their lives by your design. My request is valid whether you find it agreeable or not. I'm well within my rights as a long time member and supporter to ask for a minor addition.
  2. I like the dark theme, but I am not at all thrilled with the backgrounds. When I selected the dark theme, it automatically selected a background, of which there are only two. Dark blue, or dark blue. (not impressed) Since I am not able to unselect a background, my suggestion would be to add a third choice for background. Dark. To match the theme . While I like the function of the product, I hate having to look at it....
  3. Yeah. Sorry. I meant Malwarebytes and not 360. Everything else is accurate.
  4. This issue needs to be revisited for 360. There are no actual choices. If all you are going to provide is a choice of two backgrounds, I'd prefer the option of choosing none. Just the dark theme will suffice.
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