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  1. I have tried 5.3.1 Samsung Magician. identical result despite test taking 3 times longer
  2. When Windows 10 was reinstalled, what version of Samsung Magician currently installed? I have tried 5.3.1 - The scan takes much longer than v4, but still same result. i went back to 4.97, it does disk tests twice as fast. To see if your observations can be recreated, are you using benchmarking software other than that within Samsung Magician? CrystalMark Which File System is the Windows partition formatted to now? NTFS/Default Is the installation using Samsung Magician's Over Provisioning feature? No. It did on previous windows version, but it didn't make a difference. What is the firmware version of the 850 EVO? Is the SSD firmware up-to-date? Latest EMT02B6Q Is Samsung Magician's RAPID mode enabled? Rapid mode wacks all results out of proportion, i have it disabled right now until this this is sorted
  3. I have a Samsung 850EVO in good health. WHen i run HDD tests, i get close to expected speeds around 90K When i tun on ransomware module on 3.7.1 or another earlier MB version that has it, my Random Write speed drops by 60% to 30k or so. I've alredy reinstalled windows from long service to latest consumer 1903 to try and possibly fix it, same result
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