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  1. It's probably not the company that blocks you. It's probably the software has something built in it that searches for certain things and that is what makes it block you site. I just tried to go to your page and either it is misconfigured or you are doing something to it or someone has hijacked it or whatever. I say that because mozilla blocks it as well.
  2. Sorry jayman1000, I did misunderstand. The answer is what Aura said.
  3. Not really... When transferring files into a .rar or .zip, it has to be compressed as I have read. If you still have the original files that you wanted to pass into the rar file, delete the corrupted file and do it again. If it gives you the error, reinstall winrar.
  4. It's information of your system. If you start to have problems with your computer, take it to get it repaired. All computers have that but the characters {6ABB1C11-E261-4CEA-BBB5-3836225689DD} are all different for each PC.
  5. Is there a github repository or somewhere where I can find the source code and change some things to JRT? I have the source code from when you run it and it goes into temp, but I modified a few things that could make it better.
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