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  1. Davida2b

    Malware premium for Mac 3.4.12

    On my first ever visit to the app store , i thought WOW so many useful apps ! ( Cleaners / Optimisers etc ) Most look great but do nothing but spread unwanted files around. I Know better now It has to be about money over ethical practice ? thanks , Alvarnell
  2. Nice touch to a already proven anti malware solution? Since purchasing my first mac ( got fed up with Windows 10 ) and never looked back . I have used premium from the start with no problems and now we have scheduled scans too . Over time i have learned that Macs do not need cleaning / anti virus apps and wonder why these are in a app store ?
  3. Hello , i have read recently a few articles on cryptocurrency mining Does Malwarebytes for Mac premium guard against cryptojacking ? thanks , David
  4. Hello gsabljak , Did you use the Malwarewarebytes uninstaller that was downloaded at the time , or dragged it into the trash ?
  5. I should have said with your choice of anti-virus if required
  6. Since using malwarebytes premium from the start , i often wondered if real time protection actually did do what it said . I accidently downloaded ( should no better ) MacRemover whist trying to remove Onyx . Real time protection kicked ! and easy enough to remove afterwards . So , yes Malwarebytes and common sense is all i recommend for mac users
  7. Hello , again , well said , i could not agree more
  8. Davida2b


    Thankyou all , The implications are scary for everyone . David
  9. Davida2b


    Does Malwarebytes offer any possible protection against Meltdown attacks ?
  10. Hello , i have acquired a second , used minimac , which is a 2009 model with OSX EI Capitan . can i use Malwarebytes for mac , or better still , premium ? ( for which i have a licence ) with thanks , david
  11. Ok , Sophos is back ! Working perfectly with Malwarebytes premium .
  12. Update , Sophos has stopped working completely and a bit of a pain to uninstall ( alvarnell was right on that one ) NO more anti virus products on this mac ! sticking with Malwarebytes and Ublock origin
  13. Yes , You may think that anything in the Mac App store would be 100% ( positive reviews etc ) one particular high ranking antivirus app , actually created a false infection ! , then tried to charge for it`s removal !
  14. Hi , Alvarnell I haven`t noticed any conflict between these two , but i hear your advice
  15. Hello , John10 , I use Sophos / Ublock origin as well as malwarebytes premium , with the Firefox browser , which pretty much is enough protection for me . No conflicts or slowness !

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