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  1. Very strange. If I turn protection for Malware off the page displays correctly for me. If I turn it on I get the results I posted. Bill
  2. Turning on the Malware protection option breaks bbcamerica.com so that the pages don't display correctly. Thanks, Bill
  3. There is a minor problem in the UI in the scan scheduling function where the wording is truncated. See image. Thanks Bill
  4. @exile360 Thanks for your help with my problem. It did allow me to do the copy although I still didn't get my settings carried over. I don't know why I wouldn't have access. That is strange. I haven't changed anything so all is as it was when I installed Win10. What you say is what all the staff keep saying. I buy it to a point, but I have other programs that don't have any problem wlth uninstall / install still being able to use the same settings. I think it must have more to do with how MB saves their settings. MB could have a way to export and import settings that they keep up to date from version to version. I don't expect that they change all that many settings between versions. Oh well... MB is still a great program. Bill
  5. @throkr I decided to just forget copying over the old stuff. I went in and manually reset all the settings and rescheduled my scans. I only wish MB had a built in way to import the settings and whitelist and scan results from a previous install to a new install. I know Norton Security works just fine. Why does MB feel the need to wipe out all the settings when you do an install? Oh well. Small price to pay I guess for such a good program. It's just that it could be just a little better! Bill
  6. Very weird. I did the same right up to the point of copying the previously saved content into the new ones. That is when I get the error. I am signed in as an administrator, but that didn't help. I tried exile360's suggestion of using safe mode. I was able to copy the contents in safe mode without getting the error. However when I started MB none of my settings were there. Oh well... I'll just start from scratch. There REALLY needs to be an easier way to copy settings and scan results from one installation to another. This has been asked for by customers for several years but it just falls on deaf ears. Bill Edit: Interestingly, it did not remember any of my settings but it did remember my whitelist.
  7. @nikhils When I go into services.msc the Malwarebytes service is already stopped. Still can't copy the folder. @exile360 I'll try safe mode. Thanks, Bill
  8. That didn't help. Originally I had completely exited Malwarebytes before trying the copy. This time I turned off self-protection and tried it. No luck. I then also exited Malwarebytes and tried it. No luck. This is the error I'm getting. I tried copying the entire folder and also copying the files in the folder. No luck. Thanks Bill
  9. @throkr For the same reason I thought I should do a clean install as well. I copied the config folder, clean installed the beta, but when I went to copy back the config folder it said I had to have administrator authority. I am logged on with an administrator account. Do you know how I should do the copy back to the progdata folder? I had exited Malwarebytes before trying to do the copy back. Thanks, Bill
  10. No chance of separating the CU and Version updates into two options? As I mentioned it is really only version updates that I don't want to be automatic. Thanks Bill
  11. Oh, I see that isn't even correct. If I disable automatic updates on the general tab it also causes the database updates to be disabled. That shouldn't happen. I want database updates to be automatic even if I disable version updates! There really should be three options I guess and all together on the same tab. Automatically download and install version updates. Automatically download and install component updates. Automatically download and install threat intelligence (database) updates. Bill
  12. @nikhils Ah... I was looking at the general tab. I din't think to look on the security tab. How about the rest of my post. So the option on the General tab for automatic updates only controls component and version updates? If the option is disabled then these updates are not automatically downloaded and installed? But database updates are installed as long as I don't have it disabled on the security tab? I think it is a bit confusing for the options to be separated as they are. On the general tab the "check for updates" button will update all three types of updates and the "automatically check for updates" option controls only component and version updates. On the security tab the "automatically check for threat intelligence updates" option controls database updates. I think it would be more clear to have these all together on either the general or security tab. As I mentioned, I also think it would be desirable to have the "automatically check for updates" option split into two options, one for component updates and one for version updates. I know I would want auto updates of components, but not versions. Thanks Bill
  13. @nikhils Actually, now I am more confused. In the settings I only see the option as shown below. I don't see an option option called "automatically check for threat intelligence update". So, are you saying if I disable "automatically download and install updates" then it will automatically download and install component and version updates but not database updates? If that is the case it seems counter intuitive to me. I would have thought just the opposite would be true. I would have thought that regardless of the setting you would always check for database updates and download and install them. I would think disabling this setting would only prevent automatic updates of component and version updates. I think it would be better if there were two settings, one for component updates and one for version updates. Thanks Bill
  14. @exile360 Thanks for the clarification. I kind of thought this was the case, but with the change to the "check for updates" button, I thought I should see if there was any change to the automatic update function as well. Thanks Bill
  15. @nikhils I have a related question. In settings there is an option to automatically download and install updates. If I turn that off, will I still get database updates automatically? How about component updates? In other words does this just prevent automatic version updates? Thanks, Bill
  16. OK. Everything looks good so far. Help > About shows the right version and component update and all protections are on. I see the sort is fixed for the scan reports. I'll let you know if I see anything unusual. Thanks, Bill
  17. In the forum post for downloading the latest beta it says "We still do not support upgrading from previous 4.x versions." I just downloaded and installed 4.0.2 over 4.0.1. It appears to have worked. What exactly is not supported if I upgrade this way? Thanks, Bill
  18. I also saw this yesterday morning. I am using a premium lifetime license. It appeared for a few minutes. I closed and opened the UI and it still appeared. I checked again maybe an hour later and all was back to normal. I don't remember anything else about the UI looking different from normal.
  19. @LiquidTension Does turning on "Always Register" also disable Norton Security real-time protection? Thanks, Bill
  20. @gonzo Just checked and I was able to download the file so the whitelist entry worked. Thanks Bill
  21. This one is a bit weird. I go to www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk and I'm not blocked. I click on Free Download and it takes me to https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Download.php and I am not blocked. I click on Install Bulk Rename Utility and it says I am blocked. The URL it gives as being blocked is www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk which is the one that wasn't blocked the first two times. Kind of confusing. Why is the last one being blocked? Thanks Bill
  22. @gonzo Now it looks like www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk is being blocked. Why is this being blocked? What is suspicious about the download? Thanks, Bill
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