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  1. OK... thanks. I will hold on to this install and might use it if it takes a long time for the fix to be available. Does uninstalling and re-installing still cause the loss of all settings? Bill
  2. @LiquidTension I think I'll just leave it off at this point. I don't recall what component package (or version) was the last that actually didn't exhibit the problem. Thanks, Bill
  3. An update. I have now gone 2 weeks with web protection disabled and have had no freezing or buzzing. It again looks like it is the web protection that is causing the problem. So... what do I do now. Do you want output from the support tool or something else? Bill
  4. I can verify the block is gone. Thanks, Bill
  5. I went ahead and went to the site and downloaded the file. I did a scan with Norton 360 and another with Malwarebytes on the downloaded file and both show no threats. I have been using VeraCrypt (and TrueCrypt before it) for many years. This is the site they use to download their program. Why all of a sudden are you blocking them? Bill
  6. I don't understand. When I looked before posting this and then just looked now it said there were no detections for this site. Bill
  7. I hadn't seen this as I currently have web protection off due to the temporary intermittent freezing problem I'm having. It has been 8 days since I turned if off and haven't had a freeze. What isn't needed? Bill
  8. Oops... just realized I put this in the wrong forum. Go ahead and move it to the MBG forum for Chrome.
  9. When I tried to download Veracrypt I got this block.
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasn't sure where to put it. I just did a Virus Total on the latest Crystal Disk Info program download and got this: Scanning with both Malwaebytes Premium and Norton 360 did not detect anything. Does anyone use Crystal Disk Info? The fact that SecureAge APEX is the only one to flag it as malicious makes me think it is probably safe. Anyone shed any light on this for me? Thanks Bill
  11. @lcfx_lain Thanks for the links. I think for now I'll just stay with what is current with web protection off and see what happens. Bill
  12. Well... I guess it isn't really fixed. I had one instance of freezing last night and another just now. There was some buzzing sound, but it was not as strong and loud as before. So... I have turned web protection back off to see if that makes any difference. It really is hard to quantify exactly what is causing the problem since it sometimes is many days before I have the problem again. Bill
  13. I do keep ever My daily scheduled threat scan only runs about 2 minutes and I run it while I'm sleeping so it doesn't cause me any problems. My weekly scheduled threat scan runs a long time but it runs while I'm sleeping as well. I rarely run manual scans. When I do run a custom scan during the day it doesn't really interfere with what else I'm doing on the computer. I have a Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Processor with 6 cores and 64 GB of memory so I really don't see any problems running scans. Bill
  14. @exile360 Interesting reading. Thanks for the explanation and the links. @Porthos I try to use all the tools I can. The custom scan is just one of those tools. The key word in your reply is "most". It might be helpful in some cases so not a total waste. I do a threat scan every day, but I still feel better doing a custom scan once a week. Over the years it has found a few items. Thanks for the reply though. Bill
  15. @Porthos Sorry to butt in on this thread, but could you tell us what it does target then? My custom scan runs for over 3 1/2 hours. What is it targeting? Thanks, Bill
  16. Yes, that is why I wondered if the original issue in my post was supposedly fixed in 4.1.0. So far it seems to have been fixed in that it seems to never open to one of the protected tabs. Bill
  17. Doesn't happen that way for me. I went into settings and it opened to the About tab. I went to the Display tab. I then closed the settings "window". I went back into settings and it opened to the About tab. So I'm not sure why sometimes it opened to the Display tab. Does anyone know if this issue was supposed to have been fixed in 4.1.0? Thanks Bill
  18. It the new version 4.1.0 clicking on the settings cog wheel usually takes me to the About tab. If I try to access any other tab I am prompted for my password... with the exception of the Display tab. I'm assuming this is as planned as there is no option in access control for that tab. When it doesn't open to the About tab, it opens to the Display tab. Why would it sometimes open to the Display tab instead of always opening to the About tab? Does this mean a fix for this issue was in 4.1.0? If so, the issue appears to be fixed. if not, I guess it is just coincidence that it is now only opening to the About or Display tabs. Bill
  19. Another update. OK, it has now been over a week since I disabled the Nvidia audio drivers and re-enabled web protection in MB. I have had no freezing and buzzing. So I guess, for me at least, the problem may have been those drivers. In any case, I guess my issue has been fixed. I'll post again if I run into any issues on this in the future. Thanks all, Bill
  20. OK. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately you guys don't publish a list of what is actually fixed in each update so we don't know. Bill
  21. BillH99999

    CNN - FP?

    It looks like this has been fixed. I'm not getting blocked now.
  22. It appears to be fixed now. I am no longer being blocked.
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