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  1. It is currently 10:18 PM on Nov 6 in my time zone. My last scheduled scan ran at 12:01 AM today. It is scheduled as a daily scan to run at 12:01 AM. So the next time it should be scheduled to run is 12:01 AM on Nov 7. If I look at the Scanner section on the main window it shows the next scheduled scan as 12:01 today. Shouldn't say 12:01 tomorrow? Thanks, Bill
  2. @Porthos Thanks for the explanation. I didn't realize they were metered out. So I am going to change my mind again and go back to doing a manual check every day to see if there are any updates in components or program version that are available. Thanks Bill
  3. @Sfrush Interesting. I have my auto update set for every 30 minutes. I have been up and running for 3 hours today and component version 1.0.718 was never installed... I was still on 1.0.717. I just did a manual check for updates and component version 1.0.718 was immediately downloaded and installed and I had to restart MB. @exile360 Any explanation for this behavior? Based on what you (and staff) have said, I would have thought the auto update would have downloaded and installed this update. Bill
  4. @exile360 and @Maurice Naggar Thanks for the clarifications. Now I think I finally have a handle on the different ways update checks are performed and what they actually check for. I guess there really isn't much reason to ever use the manual check for update options unless there is a new program version out that I haven't been notified of yet. Thanks, Bill
  5. OK, I need a further clarification. Clicking on the button in the Settings will override the "metering" of new versions and get it right away, but the hourly check for updates will not? Is that how it works? Thanks, Bill
  6. @exile360 Does the hourly check look for program version, component version, and rules/definition version updates? Thanks, Bill
  7. @exile360 A question on this. Don't the component and rules updates also apply to real time protection? If so, we might want to keep them current for the real time protection as well. Bill
  8. @LiquidTension As you can see from this post, this contradicts what it says in the user guide and what AdvancedSetup said above. I think the user guide really needs to be updated to reflect what updates are actually checked for and updated by each of these these options. Also, why are there two checks for updates on two different tabs if they do the same thing? Doesn't there only need to be one. I think it is confusing the way it is. Bill
  9. I thought the same thing. I think this is very confusing. I think both types of updates should be located on the same tab in the settings or on the main window and more clearly labeled as to what they actually do. Blil
  10. I was a beta tester and I think it is just fine. I like the new UI and they've added some better protection.
  11. My understanding is that if you go into settings and go to the About tab the link to check for Update Package Versions is there. Here is a link to the entry in the user guide: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3567 Bill
  12. I don't disagree that it hasn't changed in a long time, but I think it has been confusing for a long time. On the general tab I think it would be more clear if it said "check for program version or component updates". The help clarifies that it is only program version or component updates as you say, but for newbies it would be more clear if it was spelled out on the button or next to the button. They might assume rules/definition updates were also checked. For the link on the About page it says "Click this button to have Malwarebytes check our servers for the latest version of the program, and download any available update. " To me the version number is 3.8.3 or 4.0.3 or whatever. Especially since the link is right under the Malwarebytes version heading. You are saying it only checks for rules/definition updates. I think it would be more clear if it said something along the lines of "Check for Update Package version updates". Although that is also confusing to me. I think it would be even more clear if it said something like "Check for Rules/Definition updates". Just sayin' 😄 Bill
  13. I installed version 4.0.4 over the version 4.0.3 beta and all went very smoothly. No problems. I noted several small UI issues had been fixed (commented on the corresponding posts in the beta forum). Thanks to all the hard work the developers and support folk did on this release as well as to all the experts on the forums that helped work us through the new version while it was in beta. Thanks to all! Bill
  14. I'm a bit confused. In the help it says this about the button on the General settings tab: and this about the link on the About tab: This makes it sound like the link on the About tab only checks for Version updates and the button on the General tab checks for all available updates (Version, Component, and Definition). Is that the case? If not, what does each button do? What is the difference between the two? I think the Help needs to make it more clear exactly what types of updates are checked for by each. Thanks, Bill
  15. Oh well. That's too bad. I guess that's "progress". Thanks, Bill
  16. @AdvancedSetup Thanks for the link. I see that it is also accessible via Help in the program. I feel a little silly for not having looked there. I do have a comment about the Help. I really don't think that the only help for a program should be online, especially a program like Malwarebytes. What if I need help because I think I am infected and I don't want to connect to my WiFi because I want to make sure I've cleaned up that infection first? I think the help should really be available even if I don't currently have an internet connection. Is there any intention of having the help be in the program rather than only online at some point? Thanks, Bill
  17. With the new version 4 UI, I'm a bit confused in regards to what scans are done in different places. On the main window in the Scanner section there is a Scan button. Does this do a quick scan or a threat scan? I assume it is a threat scan, is that correct? If I click on the Scanner section, a new window pops us called Scanner. On this window there is a Scan button. Does it do a quick scan or a threat scan? I assume it is a threat scan, is that correct? If I click on Advanced Scanners, then I see a quick scan and a custom scan. This is why I assumed the Scan buttons were for a threat scan. Maybe the buttons should say Threat Scan rather than just Scan? Wouldn't it just be cleaner to have the quick scan and custom scan on the Scanner window rather than being buried another layer deep? On a related note, I see folks in the forum occasionally refer to a Hyper scan. Is this the same as the Quick scan? Thanks, Bill
  18. For me this issue is fixed in 4.0.4. Thanks Bill
  19. For me this issue is fixed in 4.0.4. Thanks Bill
  20. Same for me. No problems. Windows 10 Pro 1903 on a 64 bit machine. No restart required.
  21. @LiquidTension OK, thanks. Bill
  22. This problem is still occurring in 4.0.3. Bill
  23. The problem still occurs in 4.0.3. Bill
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