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  1. I do still have those exclusions in both MB and Norton. Fast start is turned off. Bill
  2. I have been running Acronis alongside Malwarebytes since at least mid 2018 without any problems. I have upgraded MB along the way from different versions of 3.x and then 4.0 and never had the icon disappear before. Nevertheless, I did disable Acronis and rebooted and still no MB icon in the tray. I also added exclusions in both products and rebooted and still no icon. Bill
  3. The new beta produced a false positive that I've never gotten before in MB 3 or MB 4. Here is the info. This file has been on my computer for over 2 years and never been flagged before. This is the zip download for the program Adapter Watch which comes from Nirsoft. Thanks, Bill
  4. @Porthos OK... I think I remember seeing that before. Hopefully someone can help with the icon disappearing problem (and my other two items in my original post). Thanks, Bill
  5. @exile360 MBAMService.exe was running. I reinstalled using the support tool. Same thing happened. First I ran the support tool which installed 1.0.770. The icon was in the tray as usual. I ran check for updates which updated me to 1.0.777. At the end it said MB had to be restarted which it was. At this point the icon was in the tray, but it had what looked like a red triangle in the corner which stayed for about 30 or 40 seconds and then the icon completely disappeared. I didn't really get a good look at the icon before it disappeared, but it had a red mark in the corner. MBAMService.exe is running as is mbamtray.exe. Thanks, Bill
  6. I just updated to the 1.0.777 beta and have a couple comments. Here are the details. First, I've lost the icon in the tray. It was not there after I did the update. I rebooted the computer and it is still not there. I checked and it is not one of the hidden icons either. I can see in task manager that Malwarebytes Tray Application is running. I opened the UI and can see that all real time protections are active. I am on Windows 10 1909. EDIT: I moved the next two items to a new topic for visibility. Secondly, in the announcement posting it says there are UI changes. What are these? I can find nothing that is different. Thirdly, in the announcment posting it says some miscellaneous UI defects were fixed? Which ones? I have reported several bugs which don't appear to have been fixed. Not knowing what was supposedly fixed makes it hard to know if there is still a problem or if they just weren't fixed yet. Thanks, Bill
  7. @exile360 So it didn't show it in the UI in version 3? I remember seeing this information and don't remember having to export or paste the log somewhere to see it. On the other hand my memory isn't what it used to be. Bill
  8. @Porthos I think you might be misunderstanding what @Alpharius is saying. I think he is saying that in MB3 if you looked at a scan report it would tell you if you had Rootkit scanning enabled. It would also tell you what other options were enabled and what their settings were. For example for PUP's and PUM's what you wanted to do with them. I agree. I think the report should tell you this information. I hope I am correctly interpreting what he was saying. Bill
  9. @pfeerick Very strange. For me, when I delete a scheduled scan it immediately disappears from the list, no need to close and re-open the window. I am on Windows 10 1903 and on MB 1.0.15290 1.0.750. Bill
  10. That is not the case for me. Once I change the scheduled time on the second screen (after clicking on NEXT on the first screen), the SAVE button becomes active and I can save the changes to the first screen. Bill
  11. I have a custom scan which is set to warn on PUPs and PUMs. I wanted to change this to treat them as malware. I changed both settings and clicked on NEXT. The SAVE button is "grayed" out. The only way I could change the settings was to also change something on the second screen like the time. Then the SAVE button became active. Am I doing something wrong? I'm on MB 1.0.750. Thanks, Bill
  12. I just got the update to component package 1.0.750. There is now a tab for accessing the allow list in settings. This is a welcome change. You should see a lot fewer questions like "what happened to the allow list" or "how do I find the allow list". Bill
  13. @exile360 That is true, but uBlock Origin has an option to not display the count which I'm guessing is the one you are referring to. Like you I'm not sure why you would want to do this. Bill
  14. They run in the background for me just fine in 4.0.4. No window is opened. Bill
  15. Now it is wrong again. When I posted my last reply it was about 9:00 AM. Now it is about 2:00 PM and it is showing Today 12:01 AM. So it looks like going from AM to PM has maybe confused MB 4? Do the logs show anything strange? Thanks Bill
  16. @exile360 This is from the user guide: Scanner The Scanner card shows the time for the next scheduled scan, if you are using the Premium or Trial versions. @LiquidTension Here are the requested logs. Well, today the scan ran at 12:01 AM and the Scanner section shows the next scheduled scan as being Tomorrow 12:01 AM. So it is correct now. Thanks Bill mbst-grab-results.zip
  17. It is currently 10:18 PM on Nov 6 in my time zone. My last scheduled scan ran at 12:01 AM today. It is scheduled as a daily scan to run at 12:01 AM. So the next time it should be scheduled to run is 12:01 AM on Nov 7. If I look at the Scanner section on the main window it shows the next scheduled scan as 12:01 today. Shouldn't say 12:01 tomorrow? Thanks, Bill
  18. @Porthos Thanks for the explanation. I didn't realize they were metered out. So I am going to change my mind again and go back to doing a manual check every day to see if there are any updates in components or program version that are available. Thanks Bill
  19. @Sfrush Interesting. I have my auto update set for every 30 minutes. I have been up and running for 3 hours today and component version 1.0.718 was never installed... I was still on 1.0.717. I just did a manual check for updates and component version 1.0.718 was immediately downloaded and installed and I had to restart MB. @exile360 Any explanation for this behavior? Based on what you (and staff) have said, I would have thought the auto update would have downloaded and installed this update. Bill
  20. @exile360 and @Maurice Naggar Thanks for the clarifications. Now I think I finally have a handle on the different ways update checks are performed and what they actually check for. I guess there really isn't much reason to ever use the manual check for update options unless there is a new program version out that I haven't been notified of yet. Thanks, Bill
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