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  1. @Porthos I meant to ask a question in post #20 and failed to do so. Build 18382.592 does not imply that you have update KB4528760 installed... correct? That is how it appears to me. Thanks for the explanation on 1909. Bill
  2. @Porthos On a related note. Do you know why she would still be on 1903 while I got updated to 1909 back in December? Bill
  3. @Porthos OK... Just to clarify because I am still confused. What confused me is that she is on Build 18382.592 but she still doesn't have KB4528760 installed. So she needs to install it. It seemed like you were saying that to be on Build 18392.592 you first had to install KB4528760. Bill
  4. @Porthos Now I'm confused. My wife is on 1903, not 1909. Her build shows as 18362.592. However, she does not have KB4528760 installed. So 18362.592 does not mean that this fix is installed. Right? Bill
  5. @Maurice Naggar I ran manual updates at least 5 or 6 times yesterday and again 5 or 6 times today. Same thing... it says my system is up to date (and also my wife's). This despite the fact that we are obviously not up to date. If it continues like this tomorrow, I"ll download and install the update. Thanks for the link. Bill
  6. Here is what my update history shows. I am still showing up to date when I run Windows Update. My wife's laptop is also on Windows 10 1909 and she is also showing as up to date even though she doesn' t have Tuesday's updates. Bill
  7. Do you know if these updates are metered out? I'm on Win 10 1909 and Windows Update says I am up to date and this KB has not been installed on my system. Bill
  8. @tetonbob I just installed the 1.0.793 beta and it seems to have fixed the problem. I am now getting the correct Roboform UI when I close and reopen Google Chrome. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if I experience any other issues with Roboform. Thanks, Bill
  9. @GrahamW I also disabled automatic installation of new releases. If this bug remains in the beta when it is released then I don't want it to get installed on my system and break Roboform. I'll do a manual update to a new release of MB once I know the new release includes a fix for this bug. Bill
  10. @exile360 Thanks for the reply. I was able to confirm that going to a different tab and returning to the account details tab does require entering a password. Thanks for passing this on the product team. Bill
  11. OK, thanks for the info and the link. I'll look into that extension. Bill
  12. OK... guess that makes sense although it seems like a lot of work for MB to maintain a function that is not needed. Seems a bit odd that they would do that just for PR. Bill
  13. I am using MB 4.0.4 1.0.785. I have turned on the user access option. Under Settings I have selected all 4 options, General, Notifications, Security, and Account. When I start MB and click on the Settings cog wheel it doesn't prompt me to enter the password. Why not? Also, it opens the settings on the Account Details tab. There I can click on the Deactivate link and deactivate MB without being prompted for the password. Why not? I would have expected to have to enter the password in both cases. In fact I would have thought I'd have to enter the password even before seeing the account details. What am I missing? Bill
  14. @Porthos So why does MB even offer the custom scan option if it is a waste of time and not needed? Bill
  15. I don't know what that site is, but there are two hits for it on virustotal.com. Bill
  16. @exile360 I'm not sure I would want to do that. I think I want to stick with all the functionality enabled. I am OK with sticking with 1.0.781 until a fix comes out for this problem. I kind of feel like I shouldn't have to disable part of the functionality in a product just to workaround a bug in the product. I'll have to keep thinking on this. Thanks Bill
  17. Another reason to maybe wait to release the beta until this bug is fixed. Bill
  18. @tetonbob To be honest this makes me a bit disappointed in Malwarebytes. You release a beta that causes problems for people. They report the problem. You acknowledge the problem exists. Then you say it is unlikely that the fix will be added to the beta before it is released. This is admitting that you will release a flawed product for general use and then people will have to work around the problem. I was in IT for over 30 years and was in charge of a lot of projects and we would have never released a program with a known bug like this. Bill
  19. @tetonbob I never had this problem with 1.0.770. So it must be something that was added to the beta. Is that correct? When you say it will be "awhile", how long do you think it might be? Days, weeks, months? Will the fix you are talking about be added to the beta before it is generally released? If not you might break a lot of people's systems. Otherwise I guess I'll have to go back to 1.0.770 and not do any updates until the fix is added to MB. Thanks, Bill
  20. @exile360 OK... I spoke too soon. The problem is more widespread than I thought. I closed Google Chrome and re-opened it and had the same problem. So it is not just on the install of the Roboform extension so I wonder if the title of this thread should be changed to something like "Ransomware protection interferes with loading of Roboform extension". When closing and re-opening Chrome, the Roboform extension fails to load successfully which results in getting the wrong interface. To correct the problem I had to turn off Ransomware protection, disable the Roboform extension, re-enable the Roboform extension and then it loaded successfully. At his point I could turn Ransomware protection back on and all worked fine until the next time Google Chrome was closed and re-opened. This problem of course also happens anytime I reboot the system and Chrome starts up. Interestingly, the same problem does not occur with the Roboform extension for Firefox. According to Roboform support, the interface I get when the problem happens is a limited interface with only partial functionality. After correcting the problem I get the real full functioning interface. For me this is a show stopper. I use Roboform many times during the day. I never had this problem with MB 1.0.770. Thanks, Bill
  21. When I disabled ransomware protection, the Roboform extension installed correctly. I then enabled ransomware protection again and the extension continued to work correctly. Bill
  22. With Ransomware protection turned on, the RoboForm Password Manager extension does not properly install in Google Chrome. It appears to install correctly, but it isn't working correctly. It shows the wrong interface and produces some error messages. No detection is logged by Malwarebytes. When Ransomware protection is turned off, the extension installs correctly and shows the correct interface and no errors are produced. The RoboFrom Password Manager version is found in the Chrome Store. I am now on the Malwarebytes beta, 1.0.782, don't know if this works correctly in the released version (although I have never had any problems in the past). Bill
  23. I totally agree. Nice to have a company that actually has beta testing, listens to feedback, and reads the forums. A rare thing these days. Thanks! Bill
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