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  1. @David H. Lipman I didn't test, but I'm not sure. I did find the Mark Forum Read link. I thought Mark Site Read would mark all forums on the site as read, but I don't want to do that as a test. Bill
  2. I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere. I see a "Mark Site Read" link, but I don't see "Mark Forum Read". Am I just missing it somewhere? Thanks, Bill Edit: Never mind... I see it. I must be going blind. 🙂
  3. I went to the site anyway and tried to download the program and got this. Another false positive?
  4. Yes, I do have that turned on. I also have user access turned on for shutting down MB or any protections. I'm sure that is good enough. Just curious on the Microsoft change. Bill
  5. I think we have a disconnect here somewhere. The article is about Microsoft making a change so that malware can no longer disable third party anti-malware programs by making a change in the registry. I was hoping this meant that Malwarebytes could no longer be turned off by malware in that fashion. I was just concerned that maybe by not registering in Security Center this might cause some kind of problem. From reading the article, I didn't think it would, but was just checking to make sure. Bill
  6. I should have specified that I have Norton 360 installed so Defender is already off. I run Malwarebytes in addition to Defender. Based on other posts I've read, I turned off the settings to register in Security Center. I was really just wondering if what Bleeping Computer says will apply to Malwarebytes if we do have Register in Security Center turned off. Thanks Bill
  7. According to this from Bleeping Computer, malware can no longer disable third-party security software via the registry. Will this apply to Malwarebytes if I have the option set to not register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/malware-can-no-longer-disable-microsoft-defender-via-the-registry/ Thanks, Bill
  8. I could probably live with the web sites not displaying properly, but the problem on Ancestry.com is a much bigger issue for me. Genealogy is my passion and I spend hours every day working on it. The cut and paste problem makes Firefox a non-starter for me. Cut and paste works just fine in Chrome, Edge, Edge Chromium, IE, and Brave. I've tried other browsers, but haven't found any I really like other than Chrome and Edge Chromium. I use Ublock Origin, Ghostery, Malwarebytes Brower Guard, and HTTPS Everywhere along with Norton and Malwarebytes Premium. I try to turn off everything I can in a browsers privacy settings and turn everything on in the security settings. So I have privacy and security pretty well covered I think. Bikll
  9. I do not mind Chrome. Firefox has too many problems for my taste. Cut and paste doesn't work properly on Ancestry.com. I've reported it to Firefox developers, but nothing has been done to fix it. I also find too many web sites that don't display properly. In any case, I don't mind that I have to use an extension to prevent this behavior so haven't reported it to Chrome. I find they don't respond to requests for changes very well. Bill
  10. There is an add on for Chrome called "Don't add custom search engines" which works most of the time. A few get through and I delete those. Bill
  11. @AdvancedSetup Thanks for getting back to me. You didn't say whether I should do this on Ethernet or WiFi. These are the results on WiFi. If you want me to do them on Ethernet, let me know. The reg query results: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters DisabledComponents REG_DWORD 0x8 I will send the other results by private message right away. Thanks, Bill
  12. Strange. I was blocked numerous times on Saturday before adding the site to my whitelist. I took it out of my whitelist just now and was able to reach the site without any problems. Any ideas why this might happen?
  13. Please remove block on this site. Thanks, Bill
  14. @AdvancedSetup Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate your efforts. I look forward to hearing back with any thoughts others on the team might have. I can live with using WiFi instead of Ethernet if I have to. Using the 5 gHz WiFi connection gives me about 280 mbps download speed compared to about 600 using Ethernet. It is still fast although 1/2 as fast as Ethernet. If I could get Malwarebytes and Family Historian to work on my Ethernet connection that would be ideal. Thanks again and have a nice weekend! Bill
  15. Sorry, I can't do this. Family Historian does not support and will not run plugins using the newer versions of LUA. This is a sore point with many users and we have asked Family Historian to update their software to use a newer version of LUA, but so far they have not done so. I think that LUA is embedded somehow in the Family Historia program itself or something like that. I still have the same question I guess. What does this have to do with the errors in Malwarebytes and why does it work fine when using WiFi instead of Ethernet? Thanks, Bill
  16. They are both caused by running plugins from Family Historian. Bill
  17. I already know the answer to that. As I mentioned in post #44 in this thread, was getting the errors in Family Historian while being connected via Ethernet. This was while Malwarebytes was not installed on the system. It was only after disconnecting Ethernet and using WiFi that I re-installed Malwarebytes. Thanks, Bill
  18. The latest version of Family Historian is about 2 years old. It allows the use of plugins written in an old version of LUA. I don't know how old it is. I've been running Family Historian with these plugins for years without any problem. Does the age of LUA matter in relation to the problems I'm experiencing.? I am also getting errors in Malwarebytes which is not old at all. Also, the errors just started in the last week or two in both Family Historian and Malwarebytes. The same programs ran without problems before that. Also I don't get the errors while connected via WiFI instead of Ethernet running the same programs. Doesn't this seem to indicate a problem with my Ethernet rather than with the programs? I've been connect most of the day via WiFi and everything has run fine without any problems. As for what else I'm running. This hasn't changed either and is the same whether connected via WiFi or Ethernet. I usually have Family Historian, Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Malwarebytes, Norton 360, SuMO, Greenshot, SyncBack SE, Roboform, Killer Control Center, Logitech Mouse/Keyboard Controller (can't think of the name right now), and Canon U Network Scanner Selector running. I might also occassionaly have another program running like Excel or Word or IrfanView. All of these would have been running when I wasn't having the problem also. Thanks, Bill
  19. @AdvancedSetup The errors I'm seeing in Malwarebytes are the same as in my initital posting in this thread. The other software is Family Historian which is a genealgy software. The errors I am seeing there are attached. It is the same network. The problem occurs when I connect using Ethernet. No errors occur when I connect using WiFi. I would be happy to supply any logs you would like in Windows if that would help. I just don't know how to access them. Thanks, Bill
  20. I followed the instructions. The problem still occurs intermittently. Some times it works, sometimes I get the error. The COM problem occurs every time on the other software I mentioned earlier. All problem still go away when I switch to WiFi. Bill
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