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  1. Mine is also on the Security Tab rather than on the Exploit Protection Advanced tab. I upgraded from 1.0.1104 to 1.0.1112, not a clean install. Bill
  2. I also use the icon in the tray typically. However I sometimes find that I have to close Malwarebytes for one reason or another and the tray icon of course goes away. Having it pinned to the taskbar means it is easy to start up again without having to wade through the Start menu. 😀 Bill
  3. I also figured out that this is what I had to do. This has never happened with any previous update of Malwarebytes and I've been using MB for years. You are probably right that it is something about this update that is different. I just thought that maybe MB was unaware of the issue. It isn't a big deal and is easy to fix, but might be something they want to address. Bill
  4. Just updated to with component package 1.0.1112. The update went without any problems although it did force a restart of the PC which hasn't happened for awhile for me. One oddity. I have Malwarebytes pinned to the taskbar. When I click it to start up Malwarebytes, another icon is added to the taskbar and it as the line under it showing it is open. In the past I didn't think it added another icon, but just used the one that was already there. Bill
  5. I got this window when installing the latest version as well. I already have all of the exclusions entered into Malwarebytes and Norton. I think this must just be a generic warning that has been added to Malwarebytes to let you know there might be a conflict and not a warning that you have a conflict. I've been running Malwarebytes and Norton side by side for years and have never had a problem. I left Norton running and the latest Malwarebytes installed without any problems. Bill
  6. I updated about two and a half hours ago and I was updated to 1.0.1096. I do not have beta updates enabled and did a manual check for updates.
  7. Thanks... working fine now. Bill
  8. The update went smoothly. No Windows restart on my machine.
  9. I too have recently had pop-ups for both MBG and the VPN. Why can't MB just stop these now for paid subscribers at least. I know they have said they will add an option, but this is getting kind of tiresome.
  10. I had to permanently turn off the ads/trackers setting because of all the valid sites that were having problems. Still using the other protections although I still see too many sites being blocked, in my opinion. I wish they would block sites based on actual problems rather than globally blocking TLD's which are often valid. I am getting tired of having to whitelist them or asking MB to whitelist them.
  11. I've been using MB with Norton Security for over 10 years with no problems. I'm currently using Norton 360 and have all MB and Norton security options activated without any problems.
  12. @David H. Lipman I didn't test, but I'm not sure. I did find the Mark Forum Read link. I thought Mark Site Read would mark all forums on the site as read, but I don't want to do that as a test. Bill
  13. I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere. I see a "Mark Site Read" link, but I don't see "Mark Forum Read". Am I just missing it somewhere? Thanks, Bill Edit: Never mind... I see it. I must be going blind. 🙂
  14. I went to the site anyway and tried to download the program and got this. Another false positive?
  15. Yes, I do have that turned on. I also have user access turned on for shutting down MB or any protections. I'm sure that is good enough. Just curious on the Microsoft change. Bill
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