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  1. I agree. The position of the toggle was confusing. I also thought at first that it was enabling RDP rather than enabling BFP. I did go ahead and enable it after watching the video about BFP. I think it would be a lot clearer if the toggle was next to BFP rather than next to RDP. Bill
  2. OK... thanks. In any case I have turned that option off so hopefully won't run into this situation again. Thanks, Bill
  3. I guess I still don't understand. I thought it was only detected because I had "Use expert system algorithms to identify malicious files" enabled. Why would the database version make any difference - or- does this option rely on the database for it's detections? Bill
  4. Well... my scheduled threat scan which ran at 12:01 AM on 7/10 didn't detect it, but my scheduled custom scan which ran at 12:15 AM on 7/10 did detect it. Hence my original question about why a custom scan would detect it, but a threat scan wouldn't. The file was C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\SPFLITE2\LIB\THINBASIC_TRACE.DLL and it was there for both scans. Bill Threat Scan Results.txt Custom Scan Results.txt
  5. I guess that was my question. If it is supposed to check all program folders, then why didn't the threat scan detect it? If was in a subfolder of Program Files (x86). The custom scan did detect it. Bill
  6. Thank for the info. I have run the program that this is part of on numerous occasions without getting anything detected even though the custom scan detected it. I guess this means the program didn't execute this particular .DLL. I think I'll keep running my custom scan as it did detect it. Thanks, Bill
  7. I would have thought that C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86) and it's subdirectories would have been "malware related areas". Is that not the case? Is there a list somewhere of what areas the threat scan looks at? I have seen on these boards many times that custom scans are not needed and that threat scan are sufficient. This would seem to refute that idea. Bill
  8. Why was this detected in a scheduled custom scan, but not in a scheduled threat scan or a user initiated threat scan? Bill
  9. @Porthos That setting was turned on. I don't remember ever turning it on, but maybe I did and just don't remember. I turned it off. How about "Use artificial intelligence to detect threats"? I don't remember turning that on either. Is it on by default? Should I leave it on? Another question. Why was this detected in a scheduled custom scan, but not in a scheduled threat scan or a user initiated threat scan? Thanks, Bill
  10. Here is another component of SPFLite which was flagged today. Thanks, Bill Scan Results.txt thinBasic_Trace.zip
  11. Did another scan and nothing was detected. All looks good now. Thanks, Bill
  12. OK... here they are. Bill SPFLite2.zip
  13. @sUBs Thanks for the reply. The program can be downloaded from their website, http://www.spflite.com/Downloads.html. Or would you like me to attach them to a reply? Bill
  14. I have been using SPFLite for over 10 years. I installed the latest version and got a couple of detections. Bill Detection 1.txt Detection 2.txt
  15. Also, until a user flags the version as beta, it will appear as not being a beta in Sumo. Bill
  16. @Porthos Thanks. I guess I never thought this was clickable so didn't know it was a bug. Bill
  17. Since we can not see the video, what bug are you guys talking about? Bill
  18. @jboursier Most of the detections are gone but I am still getting this one which is part of the Weatherbug program I believe. Bill
  19. @exile360 I guess that is why I thought it shouldn't be flagged by adwcleaner. By the way, I see you are listed as staff now. Did you go to work for them? Didn't you work for them once before? They have hired a good support person! Bill
  20. Neither Norton 360 not Malwarebytes Premium flags the program in any way. Virus Total has 0 for engines detecting it. The program displays no ads. Not sure where the problem is. On my machine only adwcleaner seems to have an issue with it. Bill
  21. @kevinf80 Thanks for the reply. I have only installed it on my desktop pc. I have not registered it or supplied any personal information. I did not allow it to use my location. So I'm not too worried about privacy. I really don't think it should be flagged as a PUP by Malwarebytes. I'm still waiting on a reply from staff. Thanks, Bill
  22. @1PW I am running the WeatherBug program on my PC. I installed version on 3/12. It has not been updated since that time. I downloaded it from https://www.weatherbug.com/appdownload/. There was only one version to download that I saw. It never shows any ads. Bill
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