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  1. Anyone have a chance to look at this yet? Thanks Bill
  2. Several of my programs have started to exhibit a problem. The auto update function fails with an error (see below). Downloading the updates and installing them manually works fine. I was just wondering if this is the same problem as was reported by another user in the following thread: I can't really test to see if disabling ransomware protection helps until I get another program that needs updating. Thanks Bil
  3. I got the attached message. Is this a false positive? Why is it being blocked? Thanks Bill
  4. @exile360 I did figure out that you could have them enabled in the settings and then disable them on individual web sites which resulted in an entry in the Allow List. This makes sense to me. However, if I turn them off in the overall settings what good does that do if they are by default turned on for every individual site. I shouldn't have to go through and turn these off on each web site. The setting in the settings should be global in my view. Thanks, Bill
  5. In the settings if I turn off the Ads and Clickbait protections then I go to a website it still shows Ads/Clickbait as enabled in the toolbar icon. This seems inconsistent. Can you explain? Thanks, Bill
  6. Now it is not working again unless I disable Ads/Clickbait. Bill
  7. Are you able to get it to work if you whitelist the site? This didn't help for me. Bill
  8. Definitely on 1.0.24... see attached. I ran the test after clearing the cache and it is loading the page now. Thanks, Bill
  9. Thanks for the reply. I cleared the cache and disabled all extensions other than Malwarebytes Browser Extension and it still doesn't work. Only part of the page displays and then I get the attached error message. I'm using Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit). Bill
  10. Any ideas? Why would the Chrome extension prevent this page from loading correctly without putting up any type of blocking notification? Bill
  11. Any ideas? Why would the Chrome extension prevent this page from loading correctly without putting up any type of blocking notification? Bill
  12. With Ads/Clickbait enabled, http://coupons.safeway.com/weeklyad/ will not load correctly. Bill
  13. Further testing shows that even adding https://www.msn.com to the whitelist doesn't allow the site to load. Turning off Ads/Clickbait protection is the only way I can get the site to load if the plugin is enabled. In the status bar for Chrome it shows "waiting for cache...". Bill
  14. With the Ads/Clickbait protection enabled, https://www.msn.com/en-us/money won't display correctly. Nothing is blocked, but the page won't load completely. If I disable this option, it loads fine. Bill
  15. OK, thanks. I'll report the anomaly to SUMo.
  16. So what I saw being downloaded and installed would have been 1.0.374? I thought I was getting because I use a software update checker utility (SUMo) which showed that it was available so I thought that is what I was downloading and installing. It is interesting that SUMo shows many users are on Could this be a beta or something? Thanks, Bill
  17. I was on I used "Install Application Updates" and it downloaded and installed It then said it had to restart Malwarebytes to finish the install. It did so and now About still shows and "Install Application Updates" says no updates are available. Where did go? Thanks, Bill
  18. @dcollins Very strange. Here is my setting. Also, I have not changed this setting in several years at least. Assuming I am in sleep mode, will MB not bring a computer out of sleep mode in order to do a scan? Seems like it did prior to 5/25. and even on 5/29. Thanks, Bill
  19. Since installing 3.5.1 my scheduled scans are no always running during the night like they were before. I have a threat scan scheduled for 12.01 AM. Now it sometimes doesn't run then. It runs when I login to my computer in the morning instead. It happened again this morning. I leave my computer running all night and do not go into sleep mode, I just have the system blank the screen after 30 minutes. I login because I have a password set on my screen saver. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks Bill
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