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  1. I use Thunderbird as my mail client.  Starting today I've been getting a popup saying that an outgoing connection to www.ojrq.net is being blocked when I open various emails.  They are emails from legitimate companies such as Marriott, Alaska Airlines, and others.  I did a scan with Malwarebytes and with Adwcleaner and nothing is found.

    Any idea what might be causing this?  Is www.ojrq.net really a site that needs to be blocked and why did it just start getting blocked today?









  2. Just updated to with component package 1.0.1112.  The update went without any problems although it did force a restart of the PC which hasn't happened for awhile for me.

    One oddity.  I have Malwarebytes pinned to the taskbar.  When I click it to start up Malwarebytes, another icon is added to the taskbar and it as the line under it showing it is open.  In the past I didn't think it added another icon, but just used the one that was already there.




  3. I got this window when installing the latest version as well.  I already have all of the exclusions entered into Malwarebytes and Norton.  I think this must just be a generic warning that has been added to Malwarebytes to let you know there might be a conflict and not a warning that you have a conflict.  I've been running Malwarebytes and Norton side by side for years and have never had a problem.  I left Norton running and the latest Malwarebytes installed without any problems.


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  4. I had to permanently turn off the ads/trackers setting because of all the valid sites that were having problems. 

    Still using the other protections although I still see too many sites being blocked, in my opinion.  I wish they would block sites based on actual problems rather than globally blocking TLD's which are often valid.  I am getting tired of having to whitelist them or asking MB to whitelist them.

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