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  1. I had to permanently turn off the ads/trackers setting because of all the valid sites that were having problems. 

    Still using the other protections although I still see too many sites being blocked, in my opinion.  I wish they would block sites based on actual problems rather than globally blocking TLD's which are often valid.  I am getting tired of having to whitelist them or asking MB to whitelist them.

  2. I think we have a disconnect here somewhere.  The article is about Microsoft making a change so that malware can no longer disable third party anti-malware programs by making a change in the registry.  I was hoping this meant that Malwarebytes could no longer be turned off by malware in that fashion.  I was just concerned that maybe by not registering in Security Center this might cause some kind of problem.  From reading the article, I didn't think it would, but was just checking to make sure.


  3. According to this from Bleeping Computer, malware can no longer disable third-party security software via the registry.  Will this apply to Malwarebytes if I have the option set to not register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center?




  4. I could probably live with the web sites not displaying properly, but the problem on Ancestry.com is a much bigger issue for me.  Genealogy is my passion and I spend hours every day working on it.  The cut and paste problem makes Firefox a non-starter for me.  Cut and paste works just fine in Chrome, Edge, Edge Chromium, IE, and Brave.

    I've tried other browsers, but haven't found any I really like other than Chrome and Edge Chromium.

    I use Ublock Origin, Ghostery, Malwarebytes Brower Guard, and HTTPS Everywhere along with Norton and Malwarebytes Premium.  I try to turn off everything I can in a browsers privacy settings and turn everything on in the security settings.  So I have privacy and security pretty well covered I think.


  5. I do not mind Chrome.  Firefox has too many problems for my taste.  Cut and paste doesn't work properly on Ancestry.com.  I've reported it to Firefox developers, but nothing has been done to fix it.  I also find too many web sites that don't display properly.  In any case, I don't mind that I have to use an extension to prevent this behavior so haven't reported it to Chrome.  I find they don't respond to requests for changes very well.


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