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  1. I haven't looked that close at the guide and I'm going a bit by memory because I upgraded to 3. I'll check the guide out more thoroughly. Thanks again.
  2. I take it the default on all versions is to treat PUPs and PUMs as malware?
  3. Okay, I thought it might open after a reboot to acknowledge the files were deleted. Kind of remember that it did. Yes, I'm talking about objects detected by Malwarebytes after a scan but not checked for removal.
  4. Does Malwarebytes open after a restart and, if so, to what screen? If memory serves Malwarebytes doesn't check some objects for removal. Why is that and I assume it's advised not to select them manually for removal? Thanks
  5. Thanks, Aura. That does appear to be what the manual says and seems seniscal so unless someone contradicts you I'll go with that.
  6. I need to write specific instructions for version for a beginner and I'd like to be sure I understand the online manual correctly. (I haven't removed malware in a long time.) If objects are found, which are selected for removal by default, does the restart prompt come up after you click "Remove Selected" or do you need to click "Finish". Thanks.
  7. Thanks so much, Aura. You've really been helpful and I appreciate your time.
  8. Okay, So just to confirm, Aura, when 3 becomes stable an auto-upgrade will occur through updating definitions like in the past? I want to be sure because I'm instructing a beginner and I need to be as specific as possible with them. Thanks
  9. From malwarebytes guide: "When scan within archives is enabled Malwarebytes will scan three levels deep within archive (ZIP, RAR, 7Z, CAB and MSI) files. If this option is disabled, only the first level of the archive is tested." So if you don't have any compressed files it shouldn't increase scan time, right?
  10. Thanks so much for the reply. Is there an idea of how long until the auto-upgrade is implemented? I assume it's advised to wait rather than upgrade manually? Using version 3 I saw that scanning rootkits only took a couple of minutes with my old Vista machine. Is there a general opinion on whether to scan for rootkits or not? Thanks
  11. I had version and was not notified and updated with 3 like I have been in the the past with other new versions. Why is that and will I not be notified of new versions in the future? Is "Scan for Rootkits" not a default setting because it's not really necessary or does it have to with scan time as well? Thanks, NVF
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