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  1. Just from a management prospective, you should be able to click on the "Infected" counter and be taken immediately to the item(s) that incremented the counter. If the items are already remediated, then you should split this counter into "unremediated infections" and "remediated infections". As the manager of this product for a client, all we want do know is "Do we need to do something". As it is, this counter usually results in a wild goose chase to find the thing(s) that incremented it and almost always results in the conclusion that whatever it was is already taken care of and we don't need to do anything. As it is, chasing wild geese all the time results in us ignoring that counter altogether. Is that really what you want? Isn't there some change that can be made to have the dashboard provide us with a simple binary indicator - "Action Needed" or "No Action Needed"?
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